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Bracelets – Mix and Match Glamour

As a fashion accessory bangles and bracelets can be as colourful, quirky or refined as the wearer. Choose a design to suit your personality or to complement an outfit.

Showcase Jewellers stores have a wide range of gold and sterling silver bracelets and bangles. Many designs also incorporate other materials including leather, pearls or gemstones to add colour, dimension and intrigue.

Find pieces that speak to you, then mix and match to create any look from sweet and sophisticated to flashy and glam for an evening out. After all, it’s the details that add up to a complete look.

Stylish Accessory for Men

Metal and sterling silver bracelets have become a popular go-to accessory for style conscious men with mesh, cord, cuff and link designs providing a wealth of options.

Spartan, our stainless steel metal and sterling silver men’s bracelets feature masculine designs and convey a notion of tasteful rebellion with their sleek appearance. From smart and sophisticated to exerting style and class there’s distinctive designs to be worn as solo pieces or classic and slimline cuffs to provide versatile styling options.

Throughout History

Wearing jewellery for adornment and ritual dates back more than 7,000 years, with archaeologists documenting evidence that people wore bracelets in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and China.

Early examples were made of grasses, thin flexible branches and shells, then copper and bronze. After the Bronze Age (2000 to 1400 BC), artisans made bracelets of gold and silver. They became more decorative as jewellery became a symbol of wealth and status.

In modern times bangle and bracelet trends have been many and varied. Gold has remained popular as have gemstones and pearls. Sterling silver bracelets have grown in popularity due to their affordability, versatility and wearability.

The main distinction between the jewellery is that bangles are a rigid ring-shape while bracelets can be flexible.

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