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Earrings are measured as thickness millimeter / inside diameter millimeter. e.g. Hoop Earrings 3/15mm
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Earrings – Flatter your Face, Accent Your Wardrobe

Classic and simple or bold and colourful, Showcase Jewellers stores have a wide range of earrings to suit your style, flatter your face or accent your wardrobe.

Choose from diamond, gold and pearl earrings in hook, hoop or stud variations or gem-set designs for every day wear or special occasions. Our range also includes sterling silver and 18ct gold earrings as well as elegant pearl earrings. Create a signature look for anywhere you go.

Tips on Choosing

General fashion advice when selecting earrings, whether gold, diamond, pearl or other, is to consider choices which complement the shape of your face. In general:

  • Long designs optically elongate the face and neck and are complementary to those with a round face or short neck
  • Designs with geometric shapes sharpen the features. If your features are angular, you can soften your look by wearing round or oval earrings such as gold hoop.
  • If your face is long, small round designs are ideal
  • Large designs are great for faces with small features

Factors such as colour, length and shape can also assist when co-ordinating with an outfit. For example a dainty pair of gold or diamond earrings can provide an elegant and stylish accent to simple attire.

A Brief History

Archaeological discoveries provide evidence that both men and women wore forms of ear adornment as far back as Biblical times.

The earliest earrings were hoops. In Egypt, gold was the preferred material, while the Greeks preferred gemstones. The first earrings were attached through piercings in the ear lobe and symbolised age, status and wealth.

In other cultures, ear jewellery was believed to keep evil spirits from entering the body through the ears, as well as have medicinal or healing properties.

Clip-on and screw back variations were developed in the 1930s as an alternative to the pierced version, and fashion trends changed to see the acceptance of wearing more than one set at a time, now commonly worn on outer ears as well as lobes.

Choose Your Style

Classic, funky or alluring, Showcase Jewellers can help you choose the right gold hoop, diamond or peal earrings to suit you. Browse our online catalogue or visit one of our stores today. Locate your closest store.