ALTR Created Diamonds

ALTR Created Diamonds

Today you become the holder of promise, The keeper of love, Fiercer than fire, larger than life, From today there is nothing more stellar than you.

Shine Brighter

How is an ALTR Created Diamond made?

  • Experience the never before seen journey of the perfect diamond. Scroll down to watch.

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Congratulations To Our Winners

Showcase StoreWinners Name
Stearns Showcase Jewellers - Market Place Alinta Nickson
Stearns Showcase Jewellers – Killians Walk Jacinta Bennelt
Minzenmay Jewellers Scott Goodman
Patons Place Jewellers Sonia Ivanova
Matthews Jewellers Jann Price
Keoghan’s Jewellers Margaret Parmenter
Loloma Jewellers- Stockland Kirsteen Slessor
Loloma Jewellers- Castletown Irmgard Bauer
Gems & Jewels Rebecca Murray
Mystique Jewellers Shari Gray