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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pearl

Whether they’re natural or cultured, pearls are a beautifully versatile and timeless gem with a wealth of beauty to offer a wide range of jewellery settings. It can be easy to get lost on where to begin when it comes to finding the perfect pearls for gifting or yourself.

Here are our top five factors to consider when choosing the perfect pearl:

1. Lustre & Orient

A pearl’s ability to reflect and refract light is known as ‘lustre.’

Lustre creates an underlying play of colours within the pearl known as ‘orient’, which gives a pearl its unique inner glow.

The higher the lustre and orient, the finer the pearl is considered. The best way to judge the lustre and the orient of a pearl is to assess how bright the “reflections” are from the surface of the pearl, then review how the strong the “rainbow colours” surrounding the reflection appear. If both of these boxes are passed with flying colours, you can consider your pearl a keeper in this department!

2. Colour

There are two factors to consider when assessing the colour of a pearl: body colour and overtone.

The body colour of a pearl can be considered white, yellow or black. The overtone of a pearl refers to the slight tint that may be present in the depth of this base colour.

As a general rule, very white pearls with a rose-coloured tint are the rarest and most expensive. The creamier the colour becomes, the less valuable the pearl.

Cultured pearls are available in many colours that would be incredibly rare or impossible to find, including: gray, black, pink, blue and gold.

3. Size

As with most precious gems, larger pearls are generally more valuable than their smaller counterparts. The typically small size of an average oyster influences the difficulty of cultivating large pearls, while natural pearls of considerable size are even more rare.

Size isn’t everything, though – a slightly larger pearl with poor lustre and orient may be more valuable than its smaller counterpart; and two pearls of the same size may be valued differently under the same considerations.

4. Blemishes

Blemishes and imperfections on the surface of a pearl are another thing to consider when choosing your perfect pearl.

The cleaner the surface of a pearl, the better – small blisters, spots and cracks can all diminish a pearl’s value and cost point.

5. Shape

In general, more symmetrical pearls have a higher value than misshapen pearls.

While perfectly round pearls are extremely rare, nicely proportioned round, oval and tear-shaped pearl are all highly valued. Irregularly shaped pearls like Baroque pearls have a lower price point but hold value for the unique look their shape can lend to jewellery pieces.

Choosing the right pearl piece can seem daunting, but with this helpful guide and the expert advice of your nearest Showcase Jeweller, you’ll find the perfect gift in no time.

Find your nearest Showcase Jewellers store with our store locator today.

What kind of sparkle does she want this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so if you haven’t grabbed your sweetheart a gift, it’s time to get moving!

Jewellery is one of those gifts that is near-guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face. Here are a few of our favourite picks for this love-filled holiday.

1. Two Toned Double Circle Necklace

Not sure if your partner prefers gold to silver? Why not get both? Gift your loved one this unique piece of jewellery and be confident that it takes their preference into account! Two toned pieces are versatile, unique and timeless, and this double circle necklace is a great example of that. Bonus: The connection of the two circles can symbolise the connection between you and your partner – sentimental and stylish.

2. Yellow Gold Diamond & Pink Sapphire Heart Earrings

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like heart-shaped jewellery. These 9 carat earrings are sure to dazzle your partner this February 14. They provide a great statement piece to pair with a black dress for a romantic dinner for two!

3. White Gold Infinity Ring

Give your partner something that represents your everlasting love. This 9 carat Infinity ring is a timeless piece and the infinity symbol provides your sweetheart with that extra bit of meaning. This is the kind of piece that can become a tradition (try infinity earring next year and maybe a necklace the year after that!).

4. Two Toned Diamond Heart Circle Pendant

Two toned jewellery is versatile and exciting for any occasion but provides a one-of-a-kind piece for this lover’s holiday! A piece in two toned gold is truly a sophisticated keepsake for women and men at any age. This 9 carat necklace includes a dazzling heart-shaped centre and is sure to grab your partner’s attention.

Need a little more guidance?

Whether you plan on getting your sweetheart one of the options listed above or you’re looking for something a little more unique, we have you covered.

Every Showcase Jeweller is highly skilled in pinpointing the perfect gems, style and designs to create a truly memorable gift this Valentine’s Day. Locate a store near you today!

Choosing memorable jewellery for Christmas

It’s the Christmas season which means it’s time to pick out some truly memorable gifts for your loved ones! And what’s more special than a carefully selected piece of jewellery?

Jewellery is a timeless gift that’s always appreciated – who doesn’t love a shiny new ring to add to their collection?

There are a lot of different ways to customise jewellery as well so you can make it a more personal and memorable Christmas present.

So what exactly should you keep in mind when selecting the perfect Christmas present?

1. Do your research

Doing a little bit of spy work will go a long way when it comes to selecting the perfect jewellery piece this holiday season. Ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. What accessories do they wear on a regular basis?
  2. Do they have certain staple jewellery items? What are they?
  3. Do they seem to prefer gold or silver?
  4. Are their jewellery selections usually bold or minimalist?

All of this information will help you select a present they’ll truly enjoy. Obviously, there’s no point in buying someone a necklace when they never wear one. Do the research now, it’ll pay off later.

2. Make it personal

Nothing can be truly memorable if it’s not selected with the gift-receiver in mind. Sure a shiny diamond will make them smile but a gemstone similar to the one their great grandmother always wore is something they’ll never forget. Take the time to think about what would be meaningful for your loved one, it will make all the difference.

3. Determine what you’re trying to say

Jewellery holds meaning, it’s part of the reason it’s such a memorable gift. Different styles indicate certain types of symbolism. Gems can portray a meaning in themselves. Ring shapes take on a message of their own. Whatever you want to say can be said without words through your jewellery selection.

Jewellery holds meaning, it’s part of the reason it’s such a memorable gift.

For romance, consider an infinity piece, symbolising your everlasting love. For friends, try selecting charms or pendants with unique birthstones matched to them. No matter the message, jewellery is the most memorable medium.

4. Find your local Showcase Jewellers

Helping you find the perfect piece of jewellery is our passion. Every Showcase Jeweller is highly skilled in pinpointing the perfect gems, style and designs to create a truly memorable gift for your loved one.

To secure the perfect Christmas gift, locate your nearest Showcase Jewellers today!

3 Reasons To Have Jewellery Engraved

Buying jewellery is an exciting time, especially if you are buying a piece for a beloved relative or partner – or yourself – to mark a special occasion. To make the jewellery you select really stand out and ensure the owner enjoys wearing their sparkling gift, consider engraving for a truly unique and personalised addition to any jewellery collection. 

Seeing your name or a favourite quote adorned forever onto a ring, bangle or other glittering accessory is a surefire way to capture a memory or other special time in your lives. Discover what the different possible reasons for engraving are, along with the range of options available to you.


Adding an engraving to a piece of jewellery is a fantastic way to present a special someone with a gift that is truly made for them. Perhaps you will choose to engrave your names around a ring, stamp a memorable date onto a pendant necklace or wrap a meaningful quote around a bracelet – whichever you pick, you can be sure that engraved jewellery will always be an extremely personal, thoughtful gift.


An increasing number of people are choosing to wear jewellery for medical purposes. Silver chain bracelets can be easily adapted and are a popular choice for those that require special medical attention, or have particular allergies, in the case of an accident or other event in which it’s vital for this information to be communicated. While highly practical in its primary purposes, engraved medical jewellery can also add a touch of shine to your everyday look as well.


When deciding to engrave jewellery, you can really make an item into a one-off accessory. Let your imagination (and creativity) run wild to think of engraving possibilities that are out of the norm. Consider different textures, metals as well as methods of engraving, such as laser or traditional engraving, to ensure that the jewellery piece you adorn with your idea is exclusive

Uniquely You – Custom and Bespoke Pieces

The design and creation of bespoke jewellery is about more than creating a statement piece; it should be the process of defining something that is representative of your individuality.

A great custom piece should demonstrate quality workmanship, a design that has been perfected for you, and as a result, it should be more than unique. It should have a quality about it that transcends other pieces of jewellery. Whether it has a subtlety all of its own or stands out as a bold challenge to the world, nobody should be able to deny that when they describe your bespoke piece, they are describing you.

Jewellery can be unique without being of a high quality. Bespoke design doesn’t necessarily mean a good or aesthetically pleasing design. Therefore, before work begins you should give consideration to the process you are about to go through, and how to make sure the end result is perfect
Remember, you are an expert on what you like, and how you live. Your jeweller is an expert on stones, precious metals and how they can best interact. The design process is most effective when you both allow each other to lead the way in your areas of expertise. Your jeweller should not try to define your taste or dictate what is in fashion at the expense of your preferences. Their job is to help you understand what is practical and possible, and work with you to define and realise your vision. Likewise, your job is not to relentlessly pursue avenues that are impractical or impossible. Jewellers work with tangible materials that adhere to the laws of science – some things simply cannot be done.

At the core of this is the relationship. Don’t underestimate the importance of each of you being able to communicate your expertise. A bespoke design appointment should never be rushed and the conversation should be one of openness and honesty rather than one of either of you trying to make a point. Come to your designer with examples ripped from magazines, drawings on napkins and pictures of stones that you love. Tell them your perfect scenario so that they can work with you to make it happen. Most importantly, don’t assume that they can read your mind and that something is, “common sense.” There is a time and a place for assumption and custom jewellery design is not one of those times.
Unique jewellery is hard work for everyone. Unlike traditional pieces which are destined for display cabinets and locked boxes, a bespoke piece is made with a person in mind. There is a level of accountability and an awareness of the trust that has been placed on the jeweller’s shoulders. Likewise, the prospect of trying to take an image in your head and communicate it to, even the best designer, is a confronting and exhausting one.

But when you try on a piece of jewellery that no one else in the world has ever worn before, you discovered that custom jewellery is a reminder that you are unique, and anything unique is worth the effort.

Balancing Price and Quality When Buying Jewellery

It’s the age-old challenge, and not unique to buying jewellery. How do I get the highest quality for the lowest price? But this is the wrong question to ask, after all, you don’t want to buy a bargain necklace that you will never wear.

Here are our thoughts on how to create some semblance of balance with regards to price and quality.

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

If you’ve ever visited a top clothing designer boutique, you will likely have had the experience of seeing an item that was astronomically expensive, and incredibly ugly. You probably started to doubt your own taste, because the person who made this is, apparently, a genius.
Here’s some good news – you were right, it was atrocious.
Because jewellery and fashion are a matter of taste, and sometimes high prices can give you the unfair sense that a certain piece is better or worse than another.
When choosing jewellery, try not to look at the prices which create a mental bias for all the wrong reasons. Look for what you love, and then check the prices afterwards – you may be pleasantly surprised to find that what you consider to be perfect for you, isn’t the priciest piece in the store.

Don’t overspend, or underspend.

The biggest mistake you can make is spending so much that it makes you feel negatively about what you have just purchased. But you already knew that.
The second biggest mistake you can make is to buy something that’s, “okay,” because the piece that you love is just that little bit more. When you are investing in a piece of jewellery, you will most likely spend a lot of time with it over many years. You will be forced to look at your mistake, and even defend it should be circumstance arise.
We all have a friend like that.
Choose a piece that you can be proud of, and will look forward to putting on. There is a simple test to ensure you have made the right decision. If you were to buy it now, would you be wearing it before you left the store? You are buying jewellery after all; it’s supposed to be exciting and fun, there are plenty of practical things you can buy without getting that feeling – don’t miss out on it.

Ask yourself if it matters.

The word, “quality,” means different things to different people. It also means different things in different industries and jewellery is no different. When you are shown something of a, “high-quality,” ask the person showing you what the implication of that quality is, and then ask yourself if it matters.
For example, if you are shown a bracelet that is inlaid with a precious stone, and then a similar bracelet with a larger stone, ask the jeweller if there are any other major differences between the bracelets, and what those differences mean.
Does the larger stone have more clarity? Will that mean it will catch the sunlight better?
Does the bracelet with the larger stone have a thicker band, and will that look better on your wrist?
Regardless of what the answer is, ask yourself if those advantages matter to you. You are probably not a jeweller and so may not have any interest at all as to whether a certain stone has certain properties, but maybe it is of the utmost importance to you.
Through critical analysis, finding what you want rather than what’s most expensive, and having a lot of fun, you can (hopefully) strike a balance between price and quality.

3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Ring

Finding the perfect ring for that someone special is an overwhelming prospect if you have a limited understanding of what you should be looking for. There are so many questions, and as you learn more, it only becomes more confusing.

What’s a carat?
What type of band?
Why does clarity matter?
If you’re buying a diamond, you may want to start with our diamond guide (link- but regardless of what stone you’re considering, here are our three most important steps to finding the perfect ring.

1. Begin with the Hand

For the ring to be loved, it has to be more than just beautiful and suit the wearer; it needs to be comfortable. Pay close attention to the hand you are purchasing for and take note of its features –
– are the fingers long and slender?
– Is the hand small or large?
– Are the knuckles pronounced?
Now, you probably think that pronounced knuckles have very little to do with what type of ring will look good and feel comfortable, but you don’t want to be drawing the eye to a body part that your loved one doesn’t like. Also, remember to take into account any scars or marks that they are sensitive about because certain rings accentuate different parts of the hand. A ring will never feel comfortable when it doesn’t make the person wearing it feel good.

2. What They Love vs What They Actually Wear

One of the first things most jewellers will ask a customer when buying a ring for someone else is,
“what type of jewellery do they wear at the moment?”
While this obviously helps the jeweller understand more about a person they don’t know, the importance of the question goes much deeper.
There’s often a big difference between what someone likes and what they will actually wear.
Just because your partner says they like a certain style, or even that they would love to own “something like that” one day, doesn’t mean that when that day comes they will feel the same way. Their ideal style of ring should reflect their established taste, along with their personal aspirations. For example, if your partner has, “always wanted a large statement piece,” doesn’t mean that it’s something they will feel comfortable wearing on a day-to-day basis.

3. Consider Lifestyle

If the ring is to be a permanent fixture on your partner’s finger, then consider their day-to-day activities and habits. Do they tend to take care of their possessions? Do they work in a job that is physically demanding? Are they likely to take the ring off during certain activities, or leave it on?
These are important questions to ask because the type of band you choose may be different when durability is considered. The setting for the stone may need to be something less decorative, and the type of stones (or stones) may need to be revisited.

Once you have an understanding of the type of ring that will look good, make your partner feel good and will also be practical and fit with their lifestyle, you can start making big decisions. Good luck!

Pick up the peridot – August’s beautiful birthstone

We’ve all been there – wandering aimlessly around a crowded shopping centre in a futile hunt for that perfect birthday gift. It’s not supposed to be easy, but your options are markedly broadened if you’re on the hunt for a sparkling piece of jewellery. Even so, with all those different types, cuts and designs to choose from, selecting that special stone is no easy task – so let Showcase Jewellers lend you a helping hand.

August babies will make others green with envy with peridot as their gemstone.

You can immediately narrow the field by going for a glittering gift from your lucky recipient’s birth month – and August babies will make others green with envy with peridot as their gemstone. That’s right – birthstones make for a beautiful birthday gift. Let’s take a look at three sweet reasons you should pick up the peridot for that perfect present.

1. An awesome alternative

We all know how much you guys love a glittering piece of gold or superb slice of silver, but when you’re looking for something that little bit more unique, peridot is the way to go. It was called the ‘Gem Of The Sun’ by the ancient Egyptians, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Those guys reckoned it would keep evil spirits at bay and even prevent the wearer from suffering nightmares – though we can’t guarantee that peridot does such things, it’s reason enough to give it a chance!

Peridot was believed by the Ancient Egyptians to have mystical powers.

Peridot is a known for its deep, green hue, and this can vary from stone to stone. Sometimes, that colour is pale, almost opaque, but peridot can also come in a gorgeous, deep green akin to emerald. It’s of a moderate hardness (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale), so is pretty robust and easy to care for – what’s not to love? 

Peridot is a known for its deep, green hue, and this can vary from stone to stone.

2. Making the extra effort

Picking peridot over the more traditional gemstones will show that you’ve gone the extra mile when perusing your local Showcase Jewellers store. You’ll be giving a thoughtful, timeless gift that’s personal to the recipient and their story, and can be worn for many a special occasion. These white gold peridot oval studs are sure to go down a storm at any wedding, high school reunion or formal business meeting, delivering a certain elegance without being too overstated.

3. Colour me green 

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the grandiose green associated with peridot, the hue caused by the iron content within the stone. Pretty much any shade of green will work with a veritable rainbow of colours, especially itself – and with that in mind, pairing the aforementioned studs with this exemplary peridot oval pendant is a great idea and a boon to any jewellery collection. The matching set would make for an sumptuous gift, which can instantly enhance any outfit and help the wearer feel a million proverbial dollars.

Of course, we at Showcase Jewellers are about more than simply peridot, no matter how much we might love it. We’ve got a jewellery collection for every month of the year, so whether you’re shopping for a March maiden or an April angel, we’ll have something for you. Be sure to contact our expert team to find out more – and make August awesome!

Get that royal sparkle with a limited edition ring

Have you ever wanted to feel like a princess? Or do you think your partner deserves some royal sparkle to show them just how much you value them? We have the bling you’ve been looking for!

Showcase Jewellers are proud to announce that this April, we are launching a collection of limited edition rings. Elegant, high quality and unique, pieces such as the Sophia ring are set to not only stand out in their own right, but make their wearer sparkle like a princess herself.

Feel like a royal with the limited edition ring Sophia.

Getting the royal look

If you think about the jewellery of Kate Middleton, Sarah Fergusson and Princess Grace, they all have one thing in common: gorgeous, prominent gems.

While they each have their own style, rocking your own sparkler with a royal feel to it means paying attention to the details. You see, not every diamond is equal. On the contrary, you need to pay close attention to the cut, carat, colour and clarity.

1. Cut

Every diamond’s brilliancy depends on the way it is cut. This means the way the gem and its facets are polished directly influences how the light is reflected and dispersed through it.

When the angles are correct, the light enters and exits through the top facets. If, however, the stone is cut too deep or shallow, you end up with light getting lost at the bottom or through the side – diminishing your ring’s much loved sparkle .

2. Carat

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. So, the higher the carat weight of your bling, the more rare it is.

There are more nuanced differences than simple carat though. Each carat is categorised into 100 point weights, meaning that a 75 point diamond weighs .75 carats. It’s important to note that carat-weight doesn’t necessarily determine the value of your stone though. Two rings with a one carat diamond can vary drastically in price depending on the cut, clarity and colour of the stone itself.

3. Colour

White diamonds are the traditional favourite gem stone – even though they naturally come in a wide variety of colours! So what’s the difference?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a rating system for white diamonds from colourless (D) to light yellow (Z). The aim of the game is to get a diamond that’s as close to no colour as possible.

Fortunately, the differences between grades aren’t always obvious. So even though you know your significant other deserves the absolute best, she won’t sparkle any less if her diamond isn’t a D grade.

4. Clarity

The final C, clarity, refers to the amount of flaws in the diamond. Again, you want to come as close to flawless as possible as some blemishes can interfere with the light radiating through the stone.

So we know the royal princesses of this world have sparklers that are as rare as they come. But, just because you might not have the treasure chest of a kingdom, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your other half a rarity.


The unique touch of limited edition 

When it comes to unique jewellery, limited editions are the ultimate way to show your love. Rare, beautiful and high quality, these gems give your princess the sparkle of a real-life royal.

Showcase’s Sophia ring, for example, is a gorgeous 18ct white gold cluster cut at an impressive 1.00 carat total diamond weight. What makes this particular style so stunning is that it brings together the classic sparkle of diamonds with possibly the most royal of all other gemstones: the sapphire.

And to make sure you have prove of the rarity of the limited edition bling, your ring will come with a certificate stating which number in the series it is.

Do you want to surprise your love with the most special jewellery gifts possible? Get in touch with your local Showcase Jeweller today.

Show your mum some love this Mother’s Day

Being a mum is one of the toughest gigs. From the very moment they bring life into this world, mothers are on duty non-stop. Luckily, there is one day a year dedicated to recognise all their efforts: Mother’s Day. 

Our advice? Show your mum how much you value her with a stunning piece of jewellery. 

Give your mother a gift she will cherish this Mother’s Day.

Why jewellery?

While you hopefully show your mum (or the mother to your children) that you appreciate her throughout the year, Mother’s Day has that extra special touch. Back rubs, dinners and helping with the house work are all great, but nothing says I love you quite as much as a gorgeous piece of jewellery. 


What will she like?

When it comes to choosing a piece of jewellery your mother will adore, take note of her style before you buy. Look at her earrings, rings and necklaces and see if there is a trend in the type of pieces she likes. Figure out whether she has a lot of gold or silver too, as you’ll want to choose something that fits her skin tone. 

Or, how about picking something to match one of her favourite outfits or colours? If she wears a lot of navy, black and grey, your options are essentially limitless – any kind of gemstone will work. From a statement pearl ring right through to sparkling emerald studs, anything goes. 

When her wardrobe is filled with a lot of colour, we suggest either picking jewellery that is very versatile, like a yellow gold bangle or white gold pendant

The Rosa is a limited edition ring for a woman who likes to show personality.

Give the gift of limited edition

One way to give your mother a gift she will cherish for years to come is to give her something truly unique. Let us introduce you to limited edition rings. 

Since only a certain number of pieces are made in the collection, this particular gift takes things to the next level. At Showcase Jewellers, we have two styles of limited edition rings as of April 2017, called Sophia and Rosa. 

The Sophia is a stunning white gold, sapphire and Australian diamond ring. It’s an elegant and timeless statement for the mum with a classic style. The Rosa, on the other hand, is a combination of rose and white gold with white and natural diamond stone embellishment. It’s a more modern piece, ideal for a woman who loves to wear bling that shows her personality. 

For more information about our limited edition rings, or any of our jewellery, feel free to reach out to us

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