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5 of the best jewellery pieces to give her for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Don’t suffer from stress of last-minute gift buying, and don’t look unoriginal showing up with a generic box of chocolate and teddy bear. It’s 2017 – we’ve seen these gifts far too many times. 

Ladies, slip these ideas to your partner so you can be sure you’ll have something you actually want to receive for Valentine’s Day this year. Partners, listen up!

Pendant necklaces are a 2017 jewellery trend to shop for.

1. The diamond heart in circle pendant

Shop on trend and on theme! Pendant necklaces are a popular 2017 jewellery trend to shop for, though if you buy the right one, we doubt it’ll go out of style (love never does). A heart pendant is a simple, yet sweet bauble that will make anyone coo when they open it!

2. The gold-plated dress watch 

Watches aren’t just a classy accessory, they’re also a great way to show your significant other that you care about them and their success. It’s the perfect piece to smarten up a work outfit! After all, they say to accessorise for the job you want – right?

3. The rose gold diamond ring

Giving a ring doesn’t always have to mean engagement! Though if you are looking for a ring to propose with, Showcase Jewellers has that too! The rose gold diamond ring is a delicate, loosely woven knot that hints a more serious knot could be tied in the near future. Plus, rose gold is such a precious metal and when interlaced with tiny diamonds, you can’t go wrong!

4. The personalised accessory 

Why not pick one of the above jewellery options and get it engraved with a personal message or custom design? This is an idea that really shows thought and commitment, so get ready for some tears, most likely! 

5. The diamond solitaire ring

Why not treat the most important person in your life to a nice piece of jewellery? Yourself! You don’t need to be in a relationship to treat yourself to some nice jewellery. This diamond solitaire ring is a statement that flaunts you as the strong, independent woman that you are. It might sound a little cliche, but we really don’t give ourselves as much credit as we should all the time. 

Check out our collection here at Showcase Jewellers for a piece of jewellery that your significant other truly deserves. Of course, when you’ve chosen one of these pieces of jewellery, you have the ultimate gift, so you can go the extra mile by supplementing the gift with that box of chocolates! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate? Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Dreamtime Diamonds: Capturing the essence of Australia

Of the treasures we collect throughout our lives, from our first CD to the concert ticket stubs from your favourite band, there are a rare few which will accompany us through the decades, holding a place close to our hearts. 

It’s these treasures which carry a story, or a special meaning, reminding us whenever we set eyes upon them. We may keep such pieces for years, but their significance will remain as fresh as ever. 

Jewellery, one of the most personal gifts you can receive, becomes a part of your life when you wear it. Diamond jewellery is especially iconic, representing purity and strength of spirit which will never fade. 

Dreaming of Dreamtime 

When it comes to choosing a jewellery gift that will accompany the wearer through the many years to come, Dreamtime Diamonds come with a story all of their own. A distinctly Australian treasure, Dreamtime Diamonds are sourced from a remote area in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, from the Argyle Diamond Mine. 

Diamonds were first discovered in Australia in 1851, with the majority of Australia’s stunning gems now sourced from the Argyle mine – operating in the heart of the Outback for over 30 years. 

Each Dreamtime piece is designed to enhance the natural beauty and brilliance of these special Australian jewels. Give your loved one a twinkling of star like diamonds in the form of Dreamtime’s elegant, yet modern rose gold earrings, with their delicate central cluster setting. 

Filled with ancient symbolism, the boab tree, also known of as the ‘tree of life’ represents solidarity and eternity due to their incredibly long life span. The Dreamtime diamond boab tree pendant is a beautiful illustration of this poignant symbolism, with the fine branches of the tree set with six beautiful diamonds. 

The source for Dreamtime’s precious diamonds, the Argyle mine is also known for producing stunning examples of coloured diamonds, which can be found in the Dreamtime 9ct gold diamond ring.

Its shining, interwoven golden bands are encrusted with champagne coloured and white diamonds to create a luminous, perfectly balanced effect, sure to have a special place in the heart of the receiver. 

Capturing your holiday in the perfect gift


As the end of the year draws closer, things begin to wind down and we start dreaming about our upcoming holidays. Not only do you get to take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but you also get a chance to steal a few precious days with the one you love.

However, once you return home, it is wonderful to have a token to remember those glorious days away. But rather than a souvenir key ring or postcard, how about you mark the occasion with something extra special – thoughtfully chosen jewellery.

Here’s a sprinkling of holiday inspiration to help you choose an appropriate piece to match your destination.

If you are heading to the… beach 

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Oct 28, 2015 at 3:24pm PDT

There’s nothing quite like the classic beach holiday. Think lazy days basking in the sun, with the smell of sea salt and the sand between your toes. Time seems to slow down, and you find time to sit back and really enjoy your day.

According to research done by Budget Direct, as Aussies, our most favourite international travel destinations include close neighbour New Zealand. Only a short flight away, you can enjoy one of the country’s most wonderful, naturally abundant beachy areas at Tawharanui National Park, just over an hour’s drive from Auckland.

To immortalise this wonderful moment, either home or across the ditch, let your jewellery reflect the golden sands and the sparkle of the sun on the ocean with this Dreamtime yellow gold and diamond pendant – the perfect embodiment of the warmth of summer.

If you are spending long afternoons in the… park 

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Oct 3, 2015 at 10:23pm PDT

So the beach isn’t your thing, that’s alright. There is another perfectly viable option for whiling away the summer days, and that’s by staking your claim on a patch of green in a picturesque park.

There is something so soothing about being surrounded by the lush greenery of the manicured lawn, with the leaves on the trees dappling the sunlight. Pack a picnic and lunch in the shade of the trees, with a good book to page through before you snuggle up on the blanket.

In terms of the perfect park, there are plenty to choose from, such as Sydney’s Hyde or Kings Park, or Melbourne’s stunning Botanical Gardens in St Kilda with their abundance of fragrant roses.

A quaint gift to remember your luxurious afternoons in the park is the dainty 9ct yellow gold bracelet with enamel ladybird charms. Also available with a gold heart charm, this makes for a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.

If you’re planning a holiday in the… snow

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Nov 15, 2015 at 1:22pm PST

For those who love the slopes, the summer holidays in the Southern Hemisphere mean peak snow season up north. As the days begin to heat up here, you can escape to a winter wonderland where the air is crisp and the powder is fresh.

Europe of course remains one of the most quintessential ski destinations, with France’s Val Thorens winning this year’s Best European Ski Resort award. Not to mention the giltz and glam of Switzerland’s world famous slopes.

A little closer to home, the island nation of Japan is also home to some incredible ski spots, such as Niseko in Hokkaido. After an exhilarating day flying down the mountains, warm up inside your resort by the fire and watch as that special someone unwraps a white gold diamond dress ring, as brilliant as the snow outside. For a little extra frosting on the cake, they’ll be delighted with these charming diamond snowflake earrings in white and yellow gold.

Your complete Christmas gift guide

‘Tis the season to be jolly with jewellery!

You know what they say – good things come in small packages, which is why gifting your loved ones spectacular jewellery this Christmas is sure to keep you on their nice list for months to come.

Unwrapping a special bracelet or pair of earrings that dazzle brighter than the Christmas lights strung across your tree will put a smile on any face, so look no further than this helpful guide on gifting a present to each person on your list. In true Santa workshop style, we are also dishing out a myriad of creative tips on how to wrap the present!

Gifts for her

It may not be a wintry Christmas here in the Southern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let it snow for your angel. Bring some delightful frosting to her life by gifting her the snowflake-shaped 9 carat gold diamond earrings. No two snowflakes are ever the same in the natural world, which is a lovely message to share with her in your Christmas card accompanying the present, showing her that she’s the only one for you and unique in every way.

For an added cute touch, cut out three circles of white paper and build a snowman as your gift tag around the earring box. If she’s a fan of Disney films, bust out your best “do you want to build a snowman?” singing voice from the hit animated film Frozen as she opens her present!

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Nov 19, 2015 at 11:54pm PST

If you’re after a touch of elegance, the classy 9ct double infinity necklace with matching two tone gold and diamond infinity bracelet is a wonderful set for interlinking your love for all eternity. Diamonds are forever, and so is infinity, making this bracelet and necklace a lovely symbolic gesture to immortalise your love.

Another timeless present for your lovely lady is a freshwater cultured pearl bracelet, a statement piece that will match any outfit and never go out of style. Shimmering and round, the pearls resemble shiny Christmas baubles and would look beautiful packed in a gift box full with colourful Xmas baubles for a silly seasonal flair.

Of course, there is also a range of Faith jewellery items that celebrate Christmas, such as our yellow gold channel set diamond cross pendant and two tone gold crucifix. We also have yellow gold Mary and child medallions, reminiscent of Renaissance artworks such as Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings of the Madonna and Child.

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Nov 19, 2015 at 1:15am PST

Gifts for him

He’s usually your Santa Claus, the kind and generous man you adore, so treat him this Christmas to a masculine, sturdy watch. If he tends to wear the colour black very often, suiting up in a crisply tailored jacket for work or lounging in black polo shirts on the weekend, the Mizzano Gents 100m watch with black dial is just the one to fit the bill. The watch band is made of steel, an ideal material for your man of steel.

Bring this superhero touch to your gift-wrapping by printing out the Superman ‘S’ logo but writing the word ‘Claus’ next to it, using the ‘S’ to suggest you mean both Santa and Superman. Use this to make a gift tag, punching a hole in the top and threading it through some twine. Write your ‘to’ and ‘from’ message on the back. Voila! You have a personalised card that can’t be store-bought.

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Nov 15, 2015 at 10:19am PST

If black isn’t quite your man’s colour, stick to the classic Mizzano chronograph silver watch. The Gentleman’s Gazette shared an interesting history of the chronograph, noting that this sophisticated watch style translates to ‘time writer’ based on Greek root words “chronos” meaning time and “graph” meaning writing.

First invented in 1815, the chronograph has become a stylish and revered style due to its intricate dials. You’ll be ticking in his thoughts for years to come every time he glances at his wrist to check the time! Not to mention, with New Year’s Eve countdown around the corner, he’ll be able to bring in the new year by looking at this phenomenal watch as the clock strikes twelve.

Gifts for your little elves 

Every parent will know all too well the feeling of gifting your precious gem a new toy or dress, only to find that within weeks it has broken or no longer interests her. Jewellery, on the other hand, will last for years and retain its value.

Adorn the ears of your little pixie princess with the adorable yellow gold enamel ladybird studs, brought to life with the matching ladybird ID bracelet. Engrave her name onto the ID for a personalised feel. Grandparents looking to give your granddaughter a special Christmas present, this is a lovely option!

Merry Christmas, and we ho ho hope you deck the halls with ample sparkle this year!


Can’t Decide What To Get Them For Christmas? Meet Showcase’s Infographic Gift Guide

Yes, we know that Christmas is just around the corner, and that you’re being reminded of it every time you go to the shops, but don’t worry.

Why? Because Showcase Jewellers is here to help with our ultimate gift giving guide, complete with handpicked pieces certain to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. From slick watches to glittering diamonds, there’s something in here for everyone.

So keep calm, and browse for gifts in our beautiful infographic.

For mum

Where would we be without our mothers? For many of us, our childhood is intrinsically entwined with the loving influence of our mothers, providing us with endless support and love. They are there through life’s ups and downs, and somehow always seem to have the answer to those tricky dilemmas.

This Christmas, spoil mum with our Green Amethyst & Diamond Pendant in a yellow gold setting. Its hue complements a range of skin tones, and adds a hint of sparkle to any outfit. Best of all, it comes with a matching set of beautiful earrings.

If your mum is always on the move, you’ll be interested to know that traditionally amethyst helps to deflect negative energies and have a calming effect.

For her

Looking for a special gift to give the wonderful woman in your life? How about this elegant, but unique gold Crossover ring? Forward thinking, yet sophisticated in its simplicity, it’s the perfect accompaniment to both formal and casual attire.

You can also match it with this chic solid gold bangle, a timeless piece she’s certain to cherish forever.

For him

Show him your love stands the test of time with one of our stylish men’s watches. A more elegant solution than checking a phone, a watch is the ultimate accessory that never goes out of fashion.

The perfect match to a sharp suit or a button down and jeans, this Mizzano Stainless Steel Chronograph has a glossy finish and is a stylish match to any wardrobe.

And for you. Yes, you!

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, don’t forget to treat yourself. You deserve it, after all! The gorgeous Natural Pink and White Diamond Ring is the perfect way to brighten any day, with the central flower shaped cluster of rare pink diamonds surrounded by a halo of white ones.

The design is so charming, it’s replicated in a pair of matching pink diamond earrings, which make for a fitting addition to your Christmas day wardrobe.


Looking good for a good cause with BCNA

When it comes to lending a helping hand, the wonderful people of Breast Cancer Network of Australia (BCNA) have been doing an incredible job for over 15 years.

First coming together in 1998 under the guidance of founder and former CEO Lyn Swinburne, BCNA is dedicated to providing the best support, information, treatment and care for all Australians affected by breast cancer.

Fighting the good fight for Aussie women

Many organisations have partnered with BCNA to help raise awareness and funds for this incredible initiative, and now Showcase Jewellers is one of them. As part of our range of jewellery, we now offer the BCNA collection. A percentage of every sale will go directly to BCNA to support their ongoing work throughout the country.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Australia, with over 1.7 million new cases diagnosed around the world in 2012, according to the World Cancer Research Fund International.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to contribute towards an amazing cause, here are a few of BCNA’s wonderful pieces to consider. Not only will your money go to a good place, you can also show your support by sporting the BCNA’s iconic Pink Lady silhouette.

The Faith, Love & Hope Circle Pendant is a simple, yet elegant piece that embodies three of the most important values for anyone to hold dear. $5 from each sale goes towards supporting women around the country who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The BCNA Pink Lady Pendant comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal set into it on a 45 cm sterling silver chain. For each sale, we’ll donate $10 to the BCNA. You can also get a similar design with Swarovski crystal in a pin form.

Showcase’s September spotlight on sapphire


We can hardly believe the month of September is upon us already! With the summer beginning to wane in the Northern Hemisphere, for us in Australia, this month marks the turning of the seasons and the long-awaited arrival of spring. 

However, for anyone born in the ninth month of the year, it also heralds the celebration of the September birthstone, sapphire. If you’ve been following our birthstone series, from the dazzling ruby, to the enchanting peridot, you’ll know how we enjoy delving into the history and background of each gem. 

You’ll be pleased to know that this month is no different, so here’s a look into the stunning sapphire. 

Sapphire: The back story  

Sapphires form a part of the corundum variety of gems. What makes this an intriguing factoid however, is that the name sapphire can also apply to gems that aren’t solely blue.

Corundum can come in a range of hues from royal to greenish blue, as well as violet and even red.The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) notes that red corundum stones that don’t quality as rubies can fall under the category of sapphire – along with other non-blue specimens, they count as ‘fancy sapphires’. 

However, the sapphire that we know and adore is best served in dazzling, vibrant blue. Some of the world’s finest come from the Kashmir region, where, following a landslide in 1880, the discovery of beautifully vibrant blue stone with a hint of violet set the modern standard for the gem, according to the International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA).


In praise of sapphire 

The gem has been prized throughout the ages. With blue thought to represent the celestial, the stone was believed to bring about blessings, as well as protect the wearer from harm and even envy, as told by the American Gem Society. 

Blue is also the colour of royalty, and sapphire has graced kings and queens with its presence from Ancient Greek and Roman times all the way to the Middle Ages. The GIA notes that it is also thought to represent qualities such as honesty, faithfulness and nobility.

One of the most well-known examples of sapphire jewellery is that of Lady Diana’s engagement ring, a stunning piece with a halo of diamonds around the centre stone that Prince Charles bestowed upon her in 1981. It was this ring that was then passed on to his son Prince William’s fiancee at the time, Kate Middleton. 

You can channel the royal style with a sapphire ring of your own. Why not pay your local Showcase Jewellers a visit to see what other beautiful pieces you can find?

Discover August’s birthstone: Peridot part 2

If you’ve seen our first guide to peridot, the intriguing gem that is August’s birthstone, you’ll already have an idea of what makes this gem so special. From celestial origins in meteors dating back millennia to masquerading as emeralds, the peridot’s golden green hue has enchanted throughout the ages. 

Like numerous other coloured gems, the peridot is thought to be imbued with various properties. According to the American Gem Society, the olive-hued stone is believed to bring good fortune through power and influence, as well as bringing about a prosperous year. Additionally, peridot is also said to act as a talisman to protect the wearer from nightmares. 

But how can you tell a good quality peridot specimen? For those who have read our handy series on how to sound like an expert when choosing jewellery, you’ll already have a good few pro phrases under your belt, but this is something a little more specialised. 

Here’s what to look out for when you’re seeking out the perfect peridot at one of our Showcase Jewellers stores


Making the cut 

As we mentioned before, the peridot gets an average score of 6.5-7 the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it doesn’t have the hardest composition. While this isn’t too much of a concern for the discerning consumer, for jewellers, it can make cutting this gem into the perfect shape more of a challenge. 

According to the International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA), raw peridot is prone to cracking, meaning it takes a skilled hand to reveal its true inner beauty. However, once a gem cutter has worked to remove any coarse outer imperfections, the ICA notes that you don’t need to take any special precautions with it, as a peridot wears fairly well. 

What to look for when choosing a peridot 

With peridots coming in a broad range of verdant hues, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) notes that the finer examples tend to be more vibrantly coloured, with poorer-quality stones tending to be more brown in colour. Today, the best examples of peridots with good colour come from Pakistan and Myanmar, according to the GIA. 

As with diamonds, clarity is important. Finer peridots won’t have any imperfections or inclusions – often in the form of black spots – that are visible to the naked eye. However, with a slightly included peridot, you may see flat, reflective disk-like shapes known in the industry as ‘lily pads’. 

As for cut, peridots can be moulded into a variety of shapes, so go for one which catches your eye, or that complements its setting.

Showcase Jewellers ABCs: C is for cut, clarity, colour and carat

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, it’s likely you’ll find yourself being bombarded with a whole new vocabulary of words you’ve never encountered before. Not only do you have to work your way around carats, but also a diamond’s cut and clarity.

But what does it all mean? Well you’re in luck, for it’s time for another handy jewellery guide with the Showcase Jewellers ABCs. 

C is for… carat

Apart from sounding uncannily close to the vegetable, carat is the term used to identify a diamond’s mass. The word carat is thought to be derived from the carob, which was a small hard seed once used as a counter balance on the scales when weighing gems. 

Although you’ll hear the same terminology being used to describe gold, in the case of the precious metal, a carat refers to the fineness or purity of the material, rather than the weight. 

The metric carat has been used as a form of measurement for gems since the early 1900s, where one carat is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. A the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) explains, from here, each carat is then divided into 100 points, allowing for more precise measurement of the diamond. Therefore, 0.5 carats could also be classified as being 50 points. 

“All else being equal, diamond price increases with diamond carat weight, because larger diamonds are more rare and more desirable,” explains the GIA, going on to note that carat weight isn’t the only deciding factor on the value of the diamond. 

C is for… cut 

This one is fairly easy to wrap your mind around, simply describing the way the diamond has been cut. Like many gems, diamonds require skilled craftsmanship to mould them into a shape that will showcase its inner brilliance. 

Different cuts allow the light to bend and reflect in the diamond in a way that gives it its special sparkle. In terms of shape, you have anything from a square princess cut, to a classic round cut as demonstrated in the stunning Canadian Fire engagement ring

However, as the GIA explains, the shape of a diamond doesn’t dictate the quality of the cut, which is determined by the way the light interacts with the gem. 

C is for… clarity 

In order to understand clarity, you first have to know the terms “inclusion,” and “blemishes”. Inclusions refer to any internal irregularities or markings in a diamond, whilst blemishes refer to external marks. 

Flawless, rather than being a Beyonce song, is also used to define a diamond with no inclusions visible at 10 times magnification. Diamonds rank from ‘flawless’ to ‘slightly included’, or simply ‘included’ at the opposite end of the scale. 

While there will never be a perfectly pure gem, the American Gem Society notes that the further up the clarity scale a diamond is, the more rare and valuable it becomes. 

C is for… colour 

Last but not least, and the final of the four ‘Cs’, is colour. This is used again, as a determiner of the value of the diamond, with the clearer the diamond, the more valuable. The scale ranges from colourless, to ‘light’, where the colour of the diamond becomes more off-white, says GIA. 

While you’re most likely to see engagement rings with a classic white, or diamond, you can also get diamonds in other hues, also called ‘fancy diamonds’. For example, you can add a unique touch to an engagement ring with a yellow or pink diamonds, such as those found on the rose and white gold diamond ring

Discover August’s birthstone : Peridot

With the winter season beginning to wrap up for yet another year, it brings with it the month of August. As many born in the eighth month will know, their special birthstone is the luminous, enchanting peridot. 

With its leaf-green hue, the peridot is at once unassuming yet glamorous, able to add a touch of colour to any silver jewellery, as well as offset any gold pieces

Here’s an insight into this wonderful gemstone and its background as a birthstone. 

Taking a peek at the history of peridot

The name comes from the French word, “peridot”, first used in the early 1700s as a replacement for the more antiquated “peritot”, according to Merriam Webster. Often yellow-green in colour, the peridot was first believed to be mined by none other than the Ancient Egyptians, who found deposits of the eye-catching stone in the Red Sea. 

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun”, believing it had properties that could protect the wearer from nightmares and ward off evil spirits. 

The peridot raked in the acclaim in Shakespeare’s time, with the gem considered to be “of exceptional rarity”, according to famed mineralogist George Frederick Kunz. In addition, the 200 carats worth of ’emeralds’ once believed to decorate the shrine to the Three Kings in the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, are in fact, simply beautiful peridots, recounts the GIA. 

Green with envy 

The majority of peridot formed deep underground, with volcanic activity bringing it to the surface, according to the GIA, but there is also evidence of peridot forming in meteorites over 4 billion years old.

Another quality of the stone is how its colour can vary, from paler golden green, to a more intense, almost emerald colour. The gem is coloured by iron, with higher iron content resulting in greener stones, notes the International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICGA). 

While the peridot gets a score of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale for its moderate hardness, the ICGA reports that it is actually fairly solid and easy to look after. If you’re looking for inspiration for an August birthday, take a look through our range of jewellery online, or pop into your local Showcase Jeweller store

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