Older pieces of jewellery handed down through the generations before ending up in your possession can throw up a myriad of emotions. That fine dress ring that used to belong to your great grandmother may well have significant personal value to you, but when was the last time you wore it, or even showed it off?

It can often be the case that heirlooms and other pieces of old jewellery, though meaningful, have become somewhat old-fashioned as the years have rolled by. Though this is only to be expected, it doesn’t mean that you have to hide it away in a drawer forever more – have you heard of Showcase Jewellers’ NewLife service?

Something old, something new 

The NewLife service was created to give a fresh lease of life to older pieces of jewellery. By bringing your antique to us, we can run through a great range of ideas with regards to what we can do with that piece – or you may have something in mind yourself.

There is practically no limit as to what we can achieve with any piece of jewellery, from rings to bangles and right through to necklaces. People have lots of differing reasons as to why they have their old pieces remodelled – fashion, sentimentality and a raft of personal issues are all factors.

“I lost my grandmother and wanted to find a way to make her necklace collection be a part of my life,” said Showcase customer Lisa Smith.

“This is my childhood jewellery collection,” said Julia Simmons, another customer. “I didn’t wear any of it anymore as it was not fashionable, but now I can.” 

Have it your way

Your jewellery doesn’t even have to be ancient for us to be able to rework it into something new – our smiths are willing to undertake any project, on any piece. That means that you can start with what can be deemed a ‘blank canvas’ – creating something totally exclusive to you. Our craftspeople will listen intently to your ideas, as well as dispensing invaluable advice along the way – ensuring that the finished piece will be precisely what you want.

It is the custom nature of the service that makes NewLife so special. You will be able to walk from our shop knowing that the piece you take away with you has been meticulously recrafted into something brand new, giving it the new lease of life from which the service takes its name.

Contact Showcase Jewellers today with our dedicated NewLife enquiry form to discover just what we can do for you and your old jewellery.