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3 Quirky Wedding Proposal Ideas


Proposing to your loved one is very nerve-wracking, and deciding on the perfect way to execute the whole thing can be confusing and difficult.

Here are three quirky proposal ideas that can take the guess work out of this special day – we promise, your partner will love them, too!

Scavenger hunt

By setting up a bunch of personalised clues and destinations, this can be a really fun activity for your partner, according to If he or she loves the thrill of discovery, then a few hours of darting all over town to your favourite park, gelato store and restaurant (or a combination of relevant places to your relationship), and ending with you in the most special place of the lot, down on one knee and holding a stunning engagement ring will be a dream come true.

Flash mob

We’ve seen this idea in a lot of films lately, and we’re sure your partner has, too! If your partner isn’t the kind of person who would get overwhelmed by a public gesture of this proportion, this is a wonderful engagement idea that we’re sure will end in a great response. A popular idea, according to The New York Times, is a flash mob dance number. These can be set to romantic, wedding-themed tunes like ‘Marry You’ by artist Bruno Mars. There are plenty of ways these proposals can be personalised – try thinking of a place that is very meaningful to you both, and then consider the best way to execute a flash mob. Consider a group dance piece, a freeze flash mob or even something prop-related if you have a private joke regarding something specific. 

The photo album

If your partner loves the concept of making memories and is constantly poring over old photo albums, then perhaps you can play up to this. Fill the album with great times you’ve shared together as a couple and on the last page you can either have a gorgeous photo of your partner with a Photoshopped ring on their hand, recommended by, or you could have a picture of yourself holding up a sign asking them to marry you. The choice is yours as to how creative you get with this!

Birthstone Profile: Emerald

Birthstone: Emerald
Month: May

“Who first beholds the light of day
In spring’s sweet, flower month of May
And wears an emerald all her life
Shall be a loved and a loving wife.”

This poem, published by jeweller Tiffany and Co. back in the late 1800s, doesn’t even begin to touch on the unique history and meaning of emeralds – or their stunning beauty.

Emeralds have long been loved by figures of beauty, namely Venus, the Roman goddess of love and Egyptian empress Cleopatra. Venus believed emeralds would protect the wearer from unfaithfulness. Cleopatra adored emeralds, and would constantly adorn herself with these beautiful gems. Used regularly in her incredible pieces of jewellery, Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians believed this sacred gem could bring fertility and rebirth, with the dead often being buried with emeralds in a bid for eternal youth, according to Gemporia.

Ancient myths boast the healing properties of emeralds, both for physical and mental ailments, states the International Coloured Gemstone Association. Spiritually and mentally, emeralds are said to have the ability to cleanse negativity and replace it with harmony, a sense of security and improved perception of one’s place in the world. A spiritual stone, it is believed to improve one’s acceptance of self and is also tied religion. Green, the colour of this gorgeous gem, is actually a significant hue within Islam and the Catholic Church, indicating its importance to different cultures throughout the world. 

Some people believe the emerald’s healing powers are heightened and stronger for those born in May. If birthstone powers are of an interest to you, wear emeralds when you are experiencing pain or trouble with the eyes, spine and head. Also wear emeralds to aid in memory, clairvoyance and faith. When worn during your birth month, believers can expect their emeralds to work even more magic than usual! 

Celebrating Your Individuality With Charm Bracelets And Necklaces

With so many gorgeous items on the jewellery market, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect piece for yourself or a friend when you buy jewellery online. It could be worth considering the latest popular alternative – create your own!

Charm necklaces and bracelets are a wonderful way to make up your own favourite accessory whilst guaranteeing it to be an original piece that suits you down to a T. Whether you prefer to wear your sparkle around your décolletage or on your wrist, charms are a wonderful way to use your memories and own style to decorate yourself – and they look stunning.


There are many diamond and gemstone charm varieties that look simply gorgeous on necklaces and bracelets. Brighten up your outfit with vibrant stones of purple, red and green – or have lots of different charms to mix and match with depending on what look you are going for that day. The versatility of these items allows you to change up your appearance with the simple click of a charm link.


Many people use their charms to represent important times in their life – a little diamond ring to represent marriage, numbers to represent special birthdays and milk bottles to represent having children. Whatever you have experienced in life, adorn yourself with these happy thoughts and enjoy being reminded of the things you have achieved in life so far. These also make for great gift ideas for other friends and family members, too.


Whether you believe in the power of gem and birthstones, or want to be surrounded by spiritual symbols that bring you luck, happiness and faith, charm bracelets allow you to illustrate your spirituality in a pretty and stylish way. Again, these make wonderful gifts and are sure to be treasured for a long, long time.

Statement Jewellery: This Season’s Must-Have Pieces

Statement cuffs, multi rings and chunky necklaces have been seen all over the catwalk at Fall/Winter 2014 fashion shows – and although our seasons may be slightly out of whack with Europe, we still know a good trend when we see one.

This season it is all about getting creative with your jewellery looks. Incorporating fur, feathers and leather like many of fashion’s powerhouses may be a little more out-there than most of us would like to attempt, but you can certainly create a trademark look of your own with more classic options. 

Curb bracelets are popping up on the world’s most fashionable, and we are loving this twist on the classic dainty choices we have seen in the past. These look incredible in both gold and silver, and can be worn on their own or with other bracelets. 

You can create your own statement necklace by finding a chunky chain and attaching your own choice of charms and attachments to add to it! Get creative and give your jewellery your own personal touch with this exciting way of customising jewellery. You can even swap the charms when you decide to opt for a new look, which is a great option for women who like to switch up their style regularly.

Over the past year, wearing multiple statement rings has been filling style magazines and blogs, and it isn’t set to be leaving the fashion world anytime soon. Whether you choose to stick to a theme of gold or silver, or if you like to mix up a whole lot of different stones, gems and colours, this is one trend that we think you’ll love. 

There is something appearing for everyone on the catwalk right now – and the best thing is, you don’t need a bottomless purse to afford it all! With options to suit all budgets, your local Showcase Jeweller will have you looking on trend in no time.

Ladies & Diamonds: A Match Made In Heaven

Regardless of the constant changes in fashion, there has always been one item in a woman’s jewellery box that has stood the test of time: her diamonds. Whether you love statement pieces or subtle elegance, diamonds continue to be an excellent accessory for any lady who wishes to add a little sparkle to her look.

The ultimate object of desire, diamonds have been a highly sought-after wardrobe staple since their European debut in the 14th century, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Originally discovered in India around 800 BC, diamonds very gradually made their way into Western Europe, and in the 14th century were being used in engagement rings – the first of which given to Mary of Burgundy by her soon-to-be fiance the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Since then, diamonds have been a staple in traditional engagement rings.

The introduction of diamonds into the world of fashion followed and, according to the GIA, the creation of the diamond as we know it today began once the stones were discovered in Africa in the late 1800s. Here, diamonds began to take their modern shape due to advances in mining techniques, and soon their production levels escalated rapidly. 

In 1947, the first introductions between diamonds and the public were made by De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd., a South African mining company synonymous with the diamond business. The slogan “A diamond is forever” frontiered their movement of using diamonds as fashion accessories, and so began the love affair of women and diamonds. This popularity prompted education of diamond aesthetics, both for the jeweller and the consumer, improving the quality and variation of cuts. 

Today, we have so many different styles and colours to choose from, whether you’re looking for antique style jewellery or a brand-new item. Princess, cushion, pear, marquise, oval and radiant are a few of the most popular, but with so much variety there is something for every woman’s taste. Take a look at your local Showcase Jeweller’s cabinet for inspiration or, if you know exactly what you would like, simply buy jewellery online here.

Jewels on film: Necklaces


It’s hard not to be envious of the beautiful pieces of jewellery that have been featured in films throughout the past few decades – all of that sparkle is bound to brighten up any outfit!

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most memorable and beautiful necklaces that have made their way onto our screens, with thanks to the wonderful world of film.

1. Pretty Woman
The scene in Pretty Woman in which Richard Gere presents Julia Roberts with a gorgeous ruby necklace has been reinvented (and often parodied) more times than we can remember, but it hasn’t prevented us from envisioning ourselves wearing this piece ourselves! With rubies set amongst diamonds, this necklaces radiates glamour.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Audrey Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s continues to be a favourite at costume parties, but no replica can compare to the stunning pearl necklace worn by Hepburn in the film. With three strings of pearls and a sparkly diamond flower embellishment, this piece adds further glamour to an already classic look. Check out our range of freshwater and south sea pearls here.

3. Titanic
Perhaps the most symbolic of the pieces of jewellery in this list is the famous “Heart of the Ocean” necklace worn by Kate Winslet in the film Titanic. The real version of this lovely piece was sold by its owner, not lost to the ocean, and was previously on display in Belfast, according to the BBC. This breathtaking blue diamond is one of the most memorable necklaces in movie history.

4. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Gentleman Prefer Blondes is home to one of Marilyn Monroe’s most memorable film scenes, and a scene that was accurately revived in the hit Madonna song Material World. The diamond necklace worn in the Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend piece is the epitome of fabulousness – and the envy of ladies everywhere! With layer upon layer of glittering diamonds, this piece is almost as unforgettable as the superstar who wore it.

The Meaning Behind Birthstones: A Mini Guide To Help You When Buying Jewellery Online

Jewellery made with birthstones has long been a popular trend amongst women, as it is sometimes believed that each gem holds a different characteristic that can benefit the wearer.

According to the American Gem Society, some women believe that purchasing the birthstone assigned to their own birth month is the most successful way to benefit from the healing powers of the stone. Others believe that owning all twelve stones and wearing each one in its designated month is the most effective way to tap into its powers. Then again, some just like the personalisation of wearing a stone that represents their birthday!

Here is a mini guide of the 12 birthstones, and what they’re commonly thought to signify:

January – Garnet
Symbolises long lasting bonds between friends, and is a great gift for someone you’re quite close to.

February – Amethyst
Ensures the wearer is always thinking quickly and has been associated with royalty.

March – Aquamarine
Perfect for those all set to travel, as it’s thought to assure a smooth trip.

April – Diamond
Rewards the wearer with success in relationships and inner strength.

May – Emerald
Emeralds symbolise rebirth and are believed to give the wearer enhanced insight, youth and better luck.

June – Pearl
Pearls are symbolic of friendship, loyalty and faithfulness, so they are great for sharing with friends and loved ones. 

July – Ruby
Who doesn’t want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Rubies symbolise all of these things, making them a perfect gift for any loved one with a July birthday.

August – Peridot
​Peridot is thought to have powers that encourage influence and better luck throughout the months, in addition to protecting the wearer from nightmares.

September – Sapphire
This gem discourages injury or envy from befalling those close to you, so a great choice as a leaving-home gift.

October – Opal
Enhances visualisation, imagination, dreams and healing, and aids with confidence.

November – Topaz
Aiding with a variety of ailments and disabilities, topaz can help the wearer to overcome the difficulties of physical problems.

December – Blue Topaz
Stands for communication, leadership and tranquillity.

Those who believe in the powers of birthstones often think the properties are heightened if the wearer is born in the month of the stone, but even if you don’t believe the hype, there’s no denying these stones are a unique and beautiful way to show off your unique style.

Which Hue Is Right For You?


Jewellery is an excellent way to dress up an outfit, try a new look or simply add a little feminine flare. Take a look at this guide for inspiration when buying jewellery online, and to find out which colours and styles work best for you.

Skin tone
Not to be confused with skin colour – take a look at these characteristics of the two basic skin tones.

  • Cool – If you have pink or red undertones to your skin, bluish veins and burn easily in the sun, you’re best suited to silver jewellery. Try a piece with blue, red, purple and pink jewels.
  • Warm – Have yellow or golden undertones to the skin, green-coloured veins and an ability to tan easily? This means you have a warm skin tone. Stick to gold, copper and rose gold jewellery with yellow, brown and coral coloured gems.

Facial structure
Face shapes can be accentuated with different jewellery styles as listed below.

  • Oval – This face shape can work most looks, so mix and match with long or short necklaces and short-drop earrings.
  • Round – To elongate the face, avoid jewellery that is round in shape. Instead, opt for long-length drop earrings and long necklaces. The more angular the better with this face shape.
  • Heart – Short necklaces and chokers really suit heart-shaped faces, as do interesting earrings that are triangular or cylindrical in shape.
  • Square – Soften the angles of your face with round pieces and long teardrop earrings. Necklaces that fall below the neckline are also great choices.

Hair colour

Black, dark brown, grey and white hair benefit from rich colours such as navy, purple and emerald.

Warmer brunettes (those with hints of red) and ladies with copper-coloured and strawberry blonde hair look stunning with golden, earthy tones.

Blondes carry earthy blue and greens really well, especially if they have light skin tones. Blondes with warmer skin tones can pair gold jewellery with red and pink gems.

This is just a guide, and the fun of wearing jewellery comes from trying new looks and experimenting with your individuality. Whether you love modern pieces or more classic designs, try a few colours to see which works best for you.

Choosing The Perfect 21st Birthday Gift

Turning 21 is an exciting time, and it deserves to be celebrated and welcomed with a beautiful piece of jewellery to commemorate the occasion. Whether you want to purchase a little sparkle for yourself or you’re buying a gift for a friend or family member, there are a number of gorgeous options to choose from when buying jewellery online.

Birthstone jewellery is always a great gift option, as it’s believed to bring luck to those who wear it – and some wearers even think the stones hold a variety of different healing powers. Birthstones can be found in necklaces, bracelets and rings so take notice of the kind of jewellery your recipent prefers to wear and select something that you feel will best suit their preference.

A charm bracelet is a popular choice for 21st gifts, as they are a great start point to get collecting! With fine and chunky bracelet options, there is something to suit every wrist – simply purchase the bracelet and add a 21st-themed charm or two to begin a lifetime of recording life events with these gorgeous little pieces.

Make up your own necklace by purchasing a pendant you think the birthday girl will appreciate and attaching it to a chain that best suits her style – from fine gold to chunky silver, there are plenty of choices to really create something she’ll love.

Guys also love receiving jewellery for their 21st, as they don’t often make these sorts of purchases for themselves. Surprise him with a cool ring or a stylish watch that will be make him truly feel he’s really reached his adult years. 

Make sure to do a little research prior to this purchase – find something that you are confident your friend or family member will love, as this is a piece they will treasure forever.

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