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How To Find Out Your Loved One’s Ring Size

Even once you have decided on the perfect gift for your loved one, it can be difficult having it sized to fit!

If you have found the perfect ring for your mother, brother, friend or even your fiance-to-be but have to delay the purchase due to not knowing their ring size, we have a few tips for you to eliminate this problem.

1. Borrow one of their rings

This is the most foolproof way to attain the information you need – especially if the person you are buying for already wears a ring on the correct finger! At a time when the ring is off and they won’t notice its disappearance, pinch it from their jewellery box or bedside table and head down to your nearest Showcase Jeweller. We will size the ring for you, and can often have it back quickly enough for them never to even realise it was gone.

2. Trace their ring

A similar suggestion to above, but for those who have less time to be sneaky! If you worry that you won’t have enough time to steal the ring and bring it instore, then simply take a piece of paper and carefully trace the inner circumference of the ring. Again, bring it straight to us and we’ll be able to work from there.

3. Measure their finger

Especially a good option if you are buying for your partner or live in the same house as the recipient. Wait until they are asleep, and use a piece of fine string to measure their finger. This tip works best on heavy sleepers – otherwise they may wake up, startled and confused, wondering why they have a piece of string attached to their hand!

4. Ask their friends

Women, in particular, often purchase rings for their friends as gifts, so check with them – they may hold the key to unlocking this information! Make sure you swear them to secrecy though, the last thing you will want is them dropping hints that you’ve been asking around.

Remember that most rings can be resized after the purchase however, so the incorrect size isn’t the end of the world. There is a limit on how much change a jeweller can do however, so it’s preferable to get it right the first time.

Jewellery Looks For Every Wedding Dress

Once you’ve found the perfect dress, accessorising it becomes your next priority! Whether you’re aiming for vintage glamour, classic beauty or modern stunner, jewellery can really add to your overall look with a little glimmer and shine.

Here are a few great ideas to help you look your best on your wedding day, whatever your style.

Vintage glamour

Art Deco styling is hugely popular on the wedding scene right now, and vintage accents are the perfect way to complement this golden era. Whether you love to mix and match costume jewellery to really play up the vibe, or if you prefer a few simple statement pieces such as chandelier earrings and an Art Deco ring, Showcase Jewellers has it all – whether you are shopping in one of our stores or looking to buy jewellery online.

Classic beauty

If you would rather your dress holds all the attention, then consider a few classic items that will simply play up the beauty of your dress. Simple diamond stud earrings, a light charm bracelet or a string of pearls can look beautiful against an elegant, show-stealing gown – and the sparkle of the jewellery will make your dress shine even brighter!

Modern stunner

According to Vogue Australia, upcoming wedding trends detail plenty of vibrant colours and floral accents, so why not play this up with your jewellery? Try pairing kooky Karen Walker floral jewellery with bright pieces to really add the ‘wow’ factor to your overall look. If you love to be experimental with your style, then we have plenty of pieces for you to stack, pile and layer to give your wedding a quirky modern twist.

Getting To Know Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a familiar name in New Zealand as a local fashion designer who’s established herself as a great design talent. 

Getting started

Enjoying design from a young age, Karen trained in fashion when she left school, graduating in 1990. In the past she’s said she started with just $100 and used this to buy material which she made into a shirt.

Her talent and dedication served her well, however. In just five years, she had two stores, and by 1998, she was selling pieces at Barney’s New York. 

Gaining momentum

By the time she showcased her designs at her first runway collection in 1998, Karen Walker was already a well-known name and a brand – she was said to be one of the biggest and best design talents in the country.

Now she has five stores in New Zealand – four in Auckland and one in Wellington. Lines such as Young, Willing and Eager, Dough and Dynamite and the more affordable Hi There all offer something different while still maintaining her distinct sense of style. “Fashion is so fluid,” she has said.

On top of that, her clothing, sunglasses, shoes and jewellery are sold all over the world. Celebrities such as Bjork, Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel have all worn her designs.

In 2009, Karen received a World Class New Zealand Award for her successful creative pursuits.

The creations

Karen Walker jewellery has skyrocketed to popularity in recent years. With simple, quirky and utterly classic pieces that will last the test of time, young women throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond are accessorising with these pieces.

The rings have been particularly sought after. Dainty silver bands, with silhouettes of a bear, dog, rabbit, skull or bow lend themselves perfectly to stacking and go with anything.

Top 5 Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities continuously delight and surprise us with their extravagant engagement rings, and we love the inspiration and ever-changing trends they bring to our attention.

Some of these rings stand out more than others, so we’ve scoured the red carpet to find the most breathtaking rocks.

1. Kim Kardashian

In perhaps one of the most publicised and anticipated proposals in celebrity history, Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian at the AT&T Park in San Francisco – and the ring didn’t disappoint. According to an estimation made by celebrity jewellery expert Michael O’Connor to E! News, the stunning sparkler set West back somewhere in the range of US$2.5 – 3 million. Only the best for this reality TV starlet!

2. Scarlett Johansson

A twist on the traditional diamond engagement ring, Scarlett’s French journalist beau made a stunning choice with this Art Deco beauty. It’s a much more jaw-dropping piece than the one she received from former husband Ryan Reynolds – who’s now married to Hollywood beauty Blake Lively – and we love its vintage look.

3. Beyonce Knowles

This music superstar continues to go from strength to strength in both her professional and personal life. According to OK! Magazine, the stunning Lorraine Schwartz platinum diamond ring Jay Z gave Beyonce cost a whopping US$5 million dollars – proving that if you like it then you better put an expensive ring on it!

4. Elizabeth Hurley

Opting for a sapphire rather than the traditional diamond, this blue beauty looks incredible against Elizabeth’s pale skin. A similar choice to another certain Brit – hint, she’s a new addition the Royal family – it’s obviously a popular choice over in the UK! We love this alternative choice, and the cut is absolutely divine.

5. Poppy Delevingne

Perhaps the most modern and innovative design on the list, this supermodel’s sparkler is an incredibly show-stopping piece. The Leo de Vroomen beauty features a blue gem set amongs’t heart-shaped diamonds in a wide gold band, and we are absolutely in love!

Steal Her Style: Sarah Jessica Parker

A true fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker makes one right choice after another when it comes to her clothing and jewellery. Always on trend, she flits from classic elegance to crazy modern looks at the drop of a – very beautiful and expensive – hat.

With many of us looking on in amazement, we just can’t get enough of her red-carpet accessory choices – and the desire to emulate them continues!

Here we have three ways in which you can steal her style.

Statement necklaces

This is they key component in most of Sarah’s choices – her necklaces are often as spectacular as the dress she’s wearing, as you can see in many of her red carpet pictures across the web. Whether she’s sporting layers of pearls, huge statement-jewel pieces, chunky collars or tribal chokers – or a combination of these – she makes some eclectic choices that really showcase her natural sense of style.

Layer upon layer of bracelets

With no particular theme, this Sex and the City star adorns her wrists with gold and silver chains, charm bracelets, leather bands and gem bracelets with one message being very clear – the more the merrier! With reference to her most recent looks at the Shiaparelli-amFAR Inspiration Gala and the 2014 CLIO Image Awards, effortlessly cool SJP piles her wrist accessories on and makes a relaxed statement – and, paired with her incredible red carpet fashion, the look works perfectly.

Keep it simple

SJP tends to let her stunning diamond engagement ring do all the talking when it comes to her hands, but occasionally she does opt for a few basic bands to adorn her fingers – not to take attention away from her gem! To try the simple-yet-effective look SJP opted for at her recent shoe line launch at the Nord​strom Aventura Mall, style yourself with gold and silver bands.

With so many looks, you can mix things up as much as you like when stealing SJP’s style. No matter which accessory best suits your personality, you will easily find inspiration from one of the most fashionable women in film.

What To Get Him On His Birthday


Often, jewellery is the gift of choice for men buying for women – but what about them? If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your man on his birthday, perhaps you should consider some jewellery of his own.

Here are a few jewellery options for men – we promise he’ll love them.


A classic staple for any man, cufflinks tie an outfit together. We have a wide range of offerings in store, but if you prefer to buy online, take a look at the variety of cufflinks we have to offer – from plain silver, to pieces with black accent, there is something for both the traditional and fashion-forward men. According to Antonio Centeno, President of and the founder of RealMenRealStylecom, simplicity in cufflinks is the key to a tasteful look – avoid novelty cufflinks apart from for special occasions.


Rings for men don’t have to be confined to sharing nuptials! Some men opt for the typical Johnny Depp look – that is lots of chunky rings adorning their fingers. Others like to keep things understated with a simple band, accompanying their own wedding ring. Play up to your man’s style with rings, and be sure to find out what his preference is – subtly, of course!


Every man needs a great watch, one that he can wear morning through night, at work and on the weekend – sometimes he may actually require one for each of these occasions. With so many to choose from, there’s a style for every taste. Whether your partner prefers brown or black leather, metal or even a sports watch, you’ll be sure to find the perfect kind for him at Showcase Jewellers. Consider his job, lifestyle and sporting activities when you are on the hunt for the perfect timekeeper – this is a gift he’ll never take off.

3 Stunning Keepsake Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and your bridesmaids understand the importance of making it absolutely perfect. “If anyone deserves a gift of thanks before the big day, it’s certainly them,” insists Vogue, and we agree.

Your bridesmaids can make the day run so smoothly for you – from helping plan the decorations and catering months in advance, to holding your hand and talking you through last-minute jitters. Showing your appreciation with a little keepsake can go a long way, and provides them with a beautiful symbol of their involvement in your special day. 

Thank your best girlfriends with these gorgeous gift ideas – they make a great wedding accessory or a special treat delivered to them post-celebration.

1. Charms

With so many charms available, your bridesmaids will love receiving these pretty little pieces. You can browse our online store for inspiration or head into a store to make your pick. A delicate bracelet with an adjoining hearts charm or your initials can begin their love affair with charm bracelets – and it’s a great memento of your thanks for their help.

2. Matching necklaces

This is a great pre-wedding idea, as bridesmaids look stunning wearing these matching beauties with their ceremony dresses. A light gold or silver necklace with a simple heart is a wonderful idea, but it’s up to you to decide just how creative you want to be. A lovely addition to the overall bridesmaid look, and a sweet gift to take home afterwards, your friends will love this thoughtful idea.

3. Engraved rings

A simple band ring with an initial or short message wrapped inside is a stunning and simple keepsake for your bridesmaids to hold onto for the rest of their lives. Band rings are classic pieces of jewellery that your bridesmaids will treasure, reminding them of your appreciation for their help and support on your wedding day.

3 Ways To Liven Up Your Look

As spring is here, many of us are likely to take the opportunity to have a change of style too. Forget the drab winter look you’ve been wearing for ages and burst into spring with an updated look.

Choose unusual colours

Of all the ways to change your wardrobe, experimenting with colours you wouldn’t normally wear can be one of the easiest ways to breathe life into a tired look. Always had your eye on some mustard-yellow garments but didn’t think it was very ‘you’? Or perhaps you’ve considered a look-at-me all-white ensemble but lacked the confidence to step out in this style? Forget your old style hang-ups and embrace the new season as a chance to start – and style – afresh.

Play with textures

Can’t bear not to wear black? Need your neutrals? No problem – instead, change your outfits with creative textural choices. Think velvet, lace and leather for an on-trend, easy way to make a new style statement. These looks can be easily incorporated into your everyday clothes choices – for instance, swap your standard blazer for a velvet one or opt for embossed trousers for subdued, sophisticated style. 

Throw on jewellery

Add some sparkling gems into your outfit for an instant style update. This is a simple way to inject high-end fashion trends into your outfits without the designer price tag. Statement necklaces and silver earrings are two items that should be in any respectable jewellery collection, while for the more adventurous among you, why not consider a cuff or other eye-catching wristwear. Stack rings for the latest in jewellery looks and consider a watch to show your personality as well as to stay on time.

3 Essential Jewellery Pieces To Include In Your Collection

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing jewellery, especially if you’ve yet to acquire a solid foundation of jewels from which to expand your collection from. So we’ve decided to take a look at which items should form the basis of any jewellery collection – pieces that are chic and timeless no matter your style, budget or the occasion.

Pearl earrings

Perhaps the top of any jewellery to-buy list, a lustrous set of pearls to wear on your ears is renowned for creating a polished, elegant look. These are ideal for an everyday outfit as well as adding to evening attire too. Pearls are traditionally a gorgeous cream shade, but in more recent times, it’s also become fashionable to wear black or other coloured pearls. Pearl earrings will suit many items in your wardrobe and are likely to shine year after year, making these a wonderful present or treasured family possession.

Diamond necklace

Nothing says high-octane glamour than a diamond necklace, and you’re likely to feel a million bucks whenever you put this dazzling piece on. Choose from a single cut stone or go all-out and wear rows of these sparkling jewels to draw attention to necklines, shoulder details or even an interesting hairstyle. Plus, the brilliant, shiny nature of these durable stones is great for adding a glow to your face too.


Not just a functional timepiece, watches have become a way of making a style statement in themselves. It’s quite common to have two or more watches to suit different events and changes in style. A leather strap wristwatch is a practical, refined accessory choice while silver or gold link styles are perfect for more dressy looks, plus being a way to add sparkle easily into the most simple of outfits. Ideal for work, relaxing or a special event, a watch makes for a wise investment piece.

3 Personalities Of Jewellery Wearers

Despite sharing a love for stunning jewellery pieces, our customers can be rather diverse. As a way to help you with the selection process and find gorgeous jewellery for your friend, partner or family member, we have identified three personality types and ideas for choosing the right piece when buying jewellery online! 

The classic beauty
If you know a lady who looks perfectly presented at all times and who takes pride in portraying herself to the world in a way that is timelessly elegant, you may have a classic beauty on your hands! Captivated by eras gone by and commanding attention wherever she goes, this lady appreciates a more conservative time when women looked stunning every moment of the day. Try treating her with a string of pearls, simple diamond studs or a sparkly cocktail ring to really complement her love of all things classical.

The fashionista
A follower of fashion, this girl understands the importance of a brilliant designer. She is often found trawling through fashion blogs, constantly on alert as she anticipates the latest collections – even before they’ve hit the runway! Spoil her with a gorgeous piece by Karen Walker or Thomas Sabo – she will certainly appreciate your understanding of her passion and she will already have seven outfits lined up to wear with your choice before it’s out of the wrapping.

The modern woman
With an interest in modern trends but a belief that every individual should put her own spin on fashion, the modern woman is a funny one to shop for. On the hunt for eclectic pieces that really stand out, this is one jewellery-wearer who will try most things once! Play up to her personality with statement pieces such as chunky charm bracelets and rings that pop. This woman loves to mix things up and experiment with random pairings, so don’t worry too much about finding things that match!

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