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Kate Middleton: A Jewellery Icon

Ever since the stunning Kate Middleton got engaged to Prince William on November 16, 2010, the popularity of blue sapphire engagement rings has grown massively. 

Looking amazing on her finger and putting a delicate twist on the traditional diamond, the sapphire radiates elegance and is extremely eye catching. A perfect option for ladies who like to stand out from the crowd and would like to try something a little different on their special day.

If you are considering a blue sapphire engagement ring, or perhaps simply a sapphire for any occasion, it’s important to look for one that is as deep in colour as possible, yet still not yielding into the darkness – you want the strong blue colour to maintain a high shine quality. 

Of course, there is an extra special sentiment behind Kate’s engagement ring – it once belonged to her husband’s mother. Princess Diana caused a stir when she displayed the sapphire set amongst diamonds in 1981, and the sparkling stunner has been revived by the new addition to the royal family – and, boy, does she pull it off!

The 12-carat beauty, which features 14 diamonds set around the sapphire, was initially priced at £28,000 when Princess Di wore the gem and is now worth a cool £300,000. 

However, it is entirely possible for you to follow in the footsteps of royalty and opt for a sapphire for your engagement or special occasion without breaking the bank! With many sapphire options instore at Showcase Jewellers and this gorgeous piece from the website if you would rather shop online, Kate’s elegant style can soon be yours.

Sapphire: September Birthstone

Sapphires have been made into beautiful jewellery pieces for thousands of years and have been revered around the world for their quality and glow. Sapphires are the birthstone for September and are said to represent truth and insight as well as offering healing benefits for the wearer.

Sapphires are sure to make any jewellery collection sparkle just that little more brightly, making them the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

All about sapphires

According to ancient Persian myth, a giant sapphire held the world in place, and blue skies were the reflection of this lustrous gemstone. During the days of the Roman Empire, sapphires gained their place as a status symbol, an indicator of an abundance of wealth. The gemstones were used to mark and seal letters and important documents – a sapphire-blue stamp was a sign of authenticity and honesty, perhaps relating to their alleged powers of clarity and clairvoyance. These days, the cut and carat of the sapphire stone determines its value and use in modern jewellery. 

Ways to wear sapphires

A long silver pendant adorned with a sparkling sapphire stone makes for the perfect accessory and is likely to be a stand-out piece for any jewellery collection. Make this gift extra special by presenting it to a loved one born in September and it’s sure to take pride of place in their jewellery box. Similarly, a sapphire bracelet is an opulent yet elegant way to give a luxurious birthday present or celebrate another special occasion in style. Sapphires also make for brilliant additions to earrings and rings too, so you’ve plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect present. 

How To Photograph Well

With the summer months fast approaching and festivities also around the corner, it’s likely that cameras will be flashing throughout the upcoming season. Don’t be camera shy – embrace your inner supermodel with these handy hints to be photographed at your best.

Be confident

It’s a cliche but it’s true – beauty comes from within. Let your inner glow shine through by appreciating and embracing yourself as you are. Quirks are what makes us unique and this is nonetheless so when being captured on camera. Show your personality with carefully chosen clothes and well-placed jewellery to ensure you sparkle on the inside and out. Let yourself be papped as many times as possible, practice makes perfect!

Enhance your best parts

We all have features that make us stand out – whether that’s your luscious locks or charming personality, everyone has a unique spark which makes them shine. Add to yours with accessories that draw attention to these aspects even more – bring attention to a stellar smile with a pair of dazzling earrings or draw the eyes towards toned arms with delicate bracelets. This also rings true for your insides too – take care of your body with nutritious food and lots of TLC. Reward yourself and add jewels for extra shimmer!

Choose your moments

It’s not possible to be camera-ready at all times, and we wouldn’t want to anyway – there’s life to be lived! However, for those moments when photos must be taken, have a mixture of natural as well as posed frames – some of the best pictures are taken when we least expect it. Being natural and true to life make for photos that really capture the moment and try not to get too caught up on looking perfect for every photo op – enjoy life and don’t forget to smile!

Which Watch Is Which?


Not only do we at Showcase offer some of the most stunning pieces of jewellery on the market, we also endeavour to bring you a range of amazing watches for both ladies and men. 

Here is a breakdown of the different pieces we stock.


Depending on your tastes, or those of the woman you’re buying for, we have a number of options that will suit any style. If she loves delicate pieces that could easily be passed off as an item of jewellery, why not consider one of the Thomas Sabo intricate silver charm timepieces? From far away these look like bracelets, and their timeless elegance is certainly fashionable as well as functional.

We also stock a variety of chunky watches in gold, silver and rose gold that look incredible with today’s fashion. A statement piece, these can be dressed up or down for wear from day to night.

Lastly, we offer a range of leather pieces with single or multi-strap options. In colours of pink, red, white and black, there is an option for every woman. These look incredible when paired with silver bracelets, which really bring out the face of the watch, so they’re a great option for women who like to pile on jewellery and mix things up each day.


Not to be left out, we have an incredible range of men’s watches that combine masculinity with fashion and function. Whether you prefer a thick brown or black leather strap or a chunky gold or silver piece, you will find what you’re looking for at your local Showcase Jeweller. We offer classic watch looks for men who love the traditional style or more modern versions of popular classics, with fresh takes such as this cuff style and this all black offering.

No matter what you are looking for, Showcase Jewellers have an incredible range of looks for men and women that are sure to capture your personal style – and ensure you’re always on time!

Simplicity Is Back In Fashion!

Understated glamour is quite the trend this year – with women everywhere opting for classic chains and understated rings.

Despite fashion houses and catwalks glittering with statement pieces, many women are choosing a more delicate look for day-to-day wear – and we have plenty of light, playful pieces that will give you all the sparkle whilst maintaining an air of sophistication and simplicity.


Whether you choose to layer your chains or wear a single, fine necklace, chains are a great (not to mention purse friendly!) fashion idea that can carry your look from day to night. In hues of gold, silver and rose gold, these pieces look great wrapped around your wrist or neck in different lengths and thicknesses.

If you love silver, these superfine Karen Walker necklaces look incredible paired together or alone. Gold more your hue? Try a bunch of different style chains for an edgier look.


Since 2013, we’ve noticed ladies sporting gold and silver band rings all over Australia. Girls are stacking different colours and thicknesses and purchasing different sizes to wear all along their fingers – above and below their first knuckle. Social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr seemed to fuel this trend initially, but it has now taken off and is being seen everywhere from the catwalk to the high street.

Keep things simple – again, Karen Walker offers plenty of stacker rings, effortlessly chic with gorgeous little characters that you can pile on one finger or across your hand. We also have a number of plain gold or silver pieces that you can switch up together or keep understated with one or two on each hand.

Head in​to a store today to try a little mixing and matching, or take a look at our online offerings if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your living room during the chilly season!

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