Let there be no mistake – February 14th is the date that every romantic, man or woman, looks forward to. This celebration of all things amore and devotion holds a special place in the heart of every pair of star cross’d lovers, as St. Valentine makes his annual march across the planet in the form of red, red roses, a fine perfume, or, if she’s really lucky, a beautiful engagement ring.

For the gentleman, though, Valentine’s Day can be a daunting prospect. Just what should you bestow upon your lady on that special date? Let the Showcase Cupid guide you through – she’ll soon be struck with his arrow!

Reflections in a diamond’s eye

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so goes the old adage. This mantra is dripping in truth – there is no finer way to utter those four little words than whilst on bended knee and presenting her with a dazzling diamond ring. This exquisite 1.00ct TDW bridal set will bring tears of joy to her eyes.

‘I could smell her sweet perfume…’

Ladies love a bit of the sweet-smelling stuff, so purchasing a lovely bottle of fragrance is a surefire way to melt her heart. Don’t ask her what brand she’d like – you’ll ruin the surprise. Instead, study the scents that she already has, jot them down and make your way to the local perfume boutique. The experts there will be able to assist you in choosing a sniffy that she’ll love!

‘Love is all you need…’

Sometimes, the lovestruck become dumbstruck. Even the most loquacious of us can struggle to find the words, so let this elegant necklace do the work for you. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the heart necklace needs just one, the only word that can sum up your strongest feeling and emotions for the lady in your life – love.