Rose gold, the pretty mixture of yellow gold and copper, creates an interesting alloy that makes for beautiful jewellery. Increasingly available in a range of styles, this unique formation is proving to be a popular purchase for jewellery shoppers.

The standard mixture to create this luxurious metal is usually comprised of 75 per cent yellow gold blended with 25 per cent copper. However, the more copper used the redder the tint will be in the finished metal, while those seeking a more pink glow should look for less copper used in the mixture.

While a fantastic and unique metal, the mixture that is required to make the alloy means that rose gold in its pure state doesn’t exist, unlike gold or other metals. 

The term rose gold actually refers to three mixtures: red gold, rose gold and pink gold. All three usually are 18 karats, meaning that whatever your preference for the shade, you will be getting high-quality jewellery that can last a lifetime.

Another benefit of this special metal is that rose gold and its related hues normally suit all skin tones, so it’s the perfect present for any loved one. As well as this, the mixture of metals that make rose gold mean it could be the ideal gift for those that like all the metals, or to give to someone whose jewellery preferences you are unsure of.

Rose gold continues to adorn the ears, necks, fingers and wrists of people all over the world as its trend-setting status is increasingly secured. Watchmakers are also using this delightful metal to add modern panache to age-old timepiece making traditions, creating fashionable rose gold watches. 

However you decide to wear rose gold, what’s for certain is that you will be on trend and look amazing!