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Revealing Mum’s Secret Mother’s Day Wish List

Listen up! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re no doubt racking your brains over what you can get to show your appreciation for the woman who’s done so much for you.

Never fear, we’re here to help. We’ve done the hard work and put together a list of the three best ideas for gifts to give to mum. Best of all, you probably won’t even need to leave the house to pick up that special something for mum – the National Retail Federation found that three out of ten shoppers will simply purchase their Mother’s Day gift online.

Let’s get started. 


Chocolates melt and flowers die but jewellery lasts a lifetime. This mother’s day, give your mum something she’s absolutely going to love. According to a 2013 Groupon study, jewellery ranks among some of the most popular gifts, with 28 per cent of the study’s participants saying they typically give their mums jewellery and accessories on Mother’s Day.

Here at Showcase Jewellers, we’ve got an extensive range of jewellery to choose from, with prices to suit every budget. 

A beautiful pair of silver earrings is the perfect gift to show your mum how much she means to you, or really spoil her with one of our gorgeous gold bracelets. For ultimate brownie points, Dad might want to get her a dainty necklace, or maybe a gemstone pendant – you do remember her favourite colours, don’t you? If not, hunt around in her jewellery box to get a better idea of her preferred style.

Gift basket

If it’s too difficult to settle on just one gift, why not get mum a whole basket of goodies! There’s a plethora of stores out there offering gift baskets, from the cheap and cheerful variety through to luxurious collections of precious pressies. 

A thoughtful alternative to these pre-made baskets is to create your own. This allows you to customise the gifts exactly according to mum’s tastes. If you’re stuck for ideas of what should go in the basket, think about including cheese, jewellery, wine, sweets, snacks, candles, a book, and maybe even some handmade knickknacks – particularly cute if made by some of the younger ones in the family.

Spa treatment

Pamper your mum this mother’s day by getting her a spa treatment. Offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these treatments can range from simple hour-long massages to full-day affairs that might include massages, deep cleanses, detoxifying dishes, skin therapy, manicures, pedicures and a bunch of other things to help make mum look and feel great. 

A spa treatment is rejuvenating for both the body and mind and always makes for a relaxing day, which might be just what mum needs after all these years of looking after you! 

The 3 Most Important Jewellery Trends This Autumn

The temperature is falling, evenings are getting shorter and the local parks are carpeted with leaves – Autumn is well and truly here. These are the months when you’ll be starting to bundle up and looking for any excuse to wear that great new coat or scarf. Your outfits change and evolve with the seasons – so why shouldn’t your jewellery?

There are certain things you should be looking for this season when considering which accessories to wear. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the three most important jewellery trends to take notice of in autumn 2015.

The shades of autumn

Pantone, though leaders in the world of colour, has paired up with a number of New York Fashion Week designers to decide which colours will be trending this autumn. In the coming months you can expect to see lots of earthy tones that take their cue from nature. This include a range of neutral colours, including Desert Sage, Stormy Weather and Oak Buff, as well as warmer pastels such as Cashmere Rose and Amethyst Orchid, among many others.

This is important to keep in mind when deciding what jewellery to wear. To complement your autumn outfit, you’ll want to lean towards gemstones with gentle colours. Alternatively, create a contrasting effect by throwing on a dazzling pearl necklace.

Get creative with your earrings

This year’s fashion shows in Paris, New York, London, and Milan suggested that you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box – especially when it comes to choosing your earrings. Furthering the trends of previous seasons, many design powerhouses showcased looks featuring single statement-piece earrings and mismatched earrings.

The single earring trend is great news for you, as this means you can go halves with a friend on a pair of Showcase Jewellers earrings and wear one each (not to the same party, of course!). If you decide to try this look, remember to go for big, bold pieces – you want this to look deliberate, not like you forgot to finish getting dressed.

The finishing touch

Many of the major designers also put an emphasis on brooches in their autumn 2015 looks. This underutilised piece can be the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble, and can help to bring attention to the cut and style of that special top. Go for shiny metals such as silver, white gold or platinum to really stand out against the reserved tones of your autumn look.

How To Look After Your Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Ring SJ3372

As far as jewellery goes, you will expect to wear your engagement ring far more than any other. These particular pieces are crafted to last a lifetime, spending the best part of fifty-plus years on your finger. With such extensive wear, it’s important to give your ring the love and attention that it deserves. This will ensure that it retains its sparkle and shine from the very first day that it was slid onto your finger.

Intimately understand your ring

It’s important to know precisely which metals and gemstone your ring is constructed from before you embark upon cleaning it. This will prevent you using any damaging products that could ruin certain aspects of your piece.

Diamonds, for example, are among the hardest substances on Earth, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely immune from damage. Luckily, caring for diamonds is easy once you know how, but you should still take extra care when working around any gemstone or precious metal.

With this in mind, gemstones other than diamonds will require a certain degree of extra care, as they lack the high durability of the said stones. Pearls and turquoise, for example, are particularly soft, so keep all chemicals away from those little guys. On the other hand, sapphires and rubies are not too far behind diamonds in the durability league.

Is your ring already hurt?  

If it is, don’t attempt to clean it just yet, as you could exacerbate the problem and cause even greater damage. Common ring imperfections include scratches, loose or missing gems, or a bent shape. If this is the case, it’s probably best that you bring your ring into a Showcase Jewellers store. We can clean it up and repair it for you, so that you can then start looking after it as you would any other piece.

Plug the gap

One of the biggest problems with cleaning jewellery isn’t the actual act itself, but the fact that jewels can get washed down that pesky hole in the sink! There are two easy solutions here: Check, double check and thrice check that you have put a sturdy plug in place, or use a clean washing up bowl.

Make a simple solution

There is no need to run out and buy an expensive cleaning solution for your jewellery. Often, home is best, and all you really need is warm water and a reputable detergent, such as mild washing up liquid. The more bubbles, the better! Have a soft toothbrush to hand as well, but make sure that it’s both new and used only for cleaning your ring, as contact with other chemicals could have a detrimental effect on your piece’s materials.

Using the detergent and warm water solution is not only effective, but it will also safeguard your precious ring from the detrimental effects of other, shop-bought jewellery cleaning products.

Some of these can actually do more harm than good, so what exactly are the products that you should avoid?

Cleaning products to swerve

Toothpaste may seem soft and gentle on your ring, and it is indeed great for ridding it of gunk and grime, but it is, in fact, pretty abrasive. Therefore, it has a tendency to scratch some of the softer metals, and is better avoided.

Other cleaning solutions to give a miss are ones that contain overly harsh chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia. Keep it simple and stick with detergent and warm water.

Soak to sparkle

With your bowl or sink half full with the solution, it’s now time to start the cleandown in earnest. Firstly, submerge your ring in the bowl for five or so minutes before you get down to business, as this will help loosen old, solidified grime and makes your coming work a little easier. The oily residue that excretes naturally from your hands can also find a home somewhere on your ring, and soaking will help dissolve it.

Brush up on your cleaning skills  

Using the tooth brush, gently sweep away at your ring, targeting visible dirt and grime but also working your way into crevices, getting under the jewels and other hard-to-reach places. Work over all sides of the piece, but ensure that you pay a certain attention to the ring’s underside – a lot of dirt finds its home here!

Rinsing it

Don’t use your cleaning solution to rinse your ring, as this may leave residue spots when the ring dries. Running water from a tap works much better, as you’ll have a constant stream of fresh water to wash away any remaining product. Ensure, of course, that you plug the sink, and hold your ring tightly!

Dry it out

Use a lint-free or specialist jewellery cloth to polish and dry your ring. Don’t use tissues or paper towels, as the lint contained within them can scratch your piece.

Even though you can clean your engagement ring at home, it’s good practice to have it professionally maintained at least once a year. At Showcase Jewellers, we’ll check your piece over thoroughly, making sure that the stones are secure and set to sparkle for years to come!

When Flowers Don’t Work, Say It With Diamonds

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to apologise to a special someone, and flowers just won’t cut the mustard. When you’ve done something you really, really want to make up for – such as forgetting an important anniversary or forgetting to pick the kids up from school for the fifth time in a row – say it with diamonds. Why? We’ll tell you why.

They last longer

A vase of cut fresh flowers lasts, on average, from four to ten days, with some squeezing out more time with the proper care and conditions. Let’s say you get your loved one a bunch of flowers that makes it to two weeks. How does that compare with a diamond?

Like the James Bond film said, Diamonds are forever. Whether nestled in a stunning ring or strung upon a necklace, as long as your loved one doesn’t lose them, they’ll last until the end of time.

They’re stronger

Flowers are exceptionally pretty, but strong they are not. Drop them on the floor and you’ll get pollen stains, roll them around between your fingers and you’ll crush them completely. The same can’t be said for diamonds – in fact, these bad boys the hardest material found anywhere on earth.

If the person you’re apologising to is perhaps a little more careless than your average person, don’t tempt fate with a delicate crystal vase full of chrysanthemums or roses. They’ll end up broken on the floor in no time. Give them a diamond that they can stomp on, scratch and drop to their heart’s desire and see the glee on their face when they realise this is one gift that can’t be broken.

They’re shinier

There are very few flowers that glisten and shimmer quite the way that diamonds do – it’s just the a fact of nature. If your loved one has magpie tendencies, give them something that will attract their eye time and time again.

Showcase Jewellers’ Autumn Catalogue


The colours of the landscape begin to change as autumn arrives and the first cold whispers of winter approach. Tie the knot this season and add some colour to your loved one’s life with one of these gorgeous pieces from Showcase Jewellers’ autumn catalogue.

Engagement rings

With the leaves falling to the floor, autumn is the perfect time for you to fall to one knee. We’re proud to offer an extensive range of beautiful engagement rings that are sure to delight and surprise your partner. A traditional yellow gold diamond ring is always a great choice, or bring out her inner shine with a white gold diamond ring, such as this stunning 1.00 carat diamond bridal set.

Anniversary gifts

Whether it’s been one year or 20, jewellery is an ideal gift to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. Necklaces and pendants are always a great choice, such as this 0.05 ct natural pink diamond heart pendant from Forever Pink.

Mother’s Day ideas

It can be so hard deciding what to get mum for Mother’s Day. Don’t despair – we’ve got some excellent ideas. Make your mum feel like a million bucks with this lovely 9 ct gold silver-filled heart pendant, or take her out to a fancy restaurant for lunch and give her an excuse to wear these pretty freshwater pearl and cubic zirconia drop earrings.

Perl’eco South Sea pearls

Pearl jewellery is sophisticated and timeless, and can be worn comfortably year round both at work and social events. Here at Showcase Jewellers, we’re delighted to provide you with an exclusive selection of perl’eco South Sea pearls. Add this 9 ct gold South Sea pearl teardrop pendant to any outfit to create an elegant look and accentuate your neckline, or pick up a pair of pearl stud earrings to bring some subtle class to your ensemble.

Canadian Fire 

Brilliant and 100 per cent natural and untreated, Canadian Fire diamonds are renowned for their lustre and high level of quality. This autumn, show your partner how much they mean to you with a Canadian Fire diamond engagement ring from Showcase Jewellers. This luxurious 18 ct white gold ring featuring a single 0.40 ct Canadian Fire diamond is guaranteed to have your loved one saying ‘yes!’


Rare, beautiful and as creative as you are, Dreamtime diamonds come straight out of local soil via the Argyle diamond mine in western Australia. Pieces from the Dreamtime rose gold range are perfect in the coming months, their earthy glow reflecting the tones of the autumn landscape and radiating a sense of warmth in these cooler months.

For more on our season’s range, check out the Showcase Jewellers autumn catalogue, soon to be available on our website, or visit your local Showcase Jewellers.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring

So, you’ve found the person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with and you’ve come up with the perfect way to propose – but you’re unsure of how to go about purchasing the engagement ring. We’re here to help!

Here are four steps to help you pick out the right engagement ring for the love of your life.

1. Plan your budget

Traditionally, men were expected to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring. The Cost of Love Survey from Bride To Be Magazine found the average engagement ring spend is $6,394. These days, however, those rules are out the window, and it’s all about how much is a reasonable amount to spend for the couple in question.

Instead of sticking to rules around how much you spend, focus on searching for the perfect ring and buy within your means. Remember, getting engaged is all about the depth of your feelings, not the depth of your pockets.

2. Find out their ring size

There a few sneaky ways of achieving this. Try borrowing one of your partner’s rings from their jewellery box while they sleep and have your local Showcase Jeweller measure it for you. If this is a little too tricky to pull off, you could measure it in the comfort of your own home yourself with a piece of string and take that to the jeweller – your significant other will never know!

Showcase Jewellers offers another crafty way of working out your partner’s ring size without having to step foot outside. Just place a driver’s licence-sized card on your computer screen and calibrate the image. After this is completed, hold one of your partner’s rings on the screen and find the circle that best matches its size.

Alternatively, download the Showcase Jewellers app for Androids or iPhones and use the ‘ring size selector’. Simply place the ring on the circle and scroll through the sizes until you find the perfect fit.

3. Discover their preference

Most individuals have thought about what they’d like their engagement ring to look like and, although it’s certainly the sentiment behind the ring that’s most important, try provoking comments about preference from your loved one to ensure you are on the right track in terms of the aesthetic of the ring. Would they prefer yellow or white gold? A square, circular or oval diamond? With so many variations to choose from, it may pay to get a few hints from your other half, if you feel you can be subtle enough.

4. The purchase

The most agonising, gut-wrenching part of the process (besides getting down on one knee) is the actual purchase of the engagement ring. You’ve done all the hard work, saving money and slyly gathering information about your loved one’s preferred style of jewellery. You’re as prepared as you’ll ever be, but what will you actually buy?


You’ll want to hunt around carefully for that perfect piece. Showcase Jewellers has a stunning selection of beautiful engagement rings that are sure to dazzle your partner. We proudly offer a collection of rings in 18-carat yellow and white gold, 9-carat yellow, white and rose gold, as well as in platinum.


For a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you might want to consider a custom design. Having your engagement ring custom designed means that it will be completely unique. If your partner likes a certain shape, colour or style, Showcase Jewellers can work these elements into the design to create a truly original ring.

Platinum or gold, diamonds or sapphires – whatever metal and gemstone combination you prefer, we can turn it into a work of art. By discussing your tastes with us, you are providing creative input into the manufacturing process, meaning that your betrothed’s ring will forever be intrinsically linked to you.


An alternative way to create a custom engagement ring is to have one of your existing pieces of jewellery remodelled. Perhaps you have a beloved heirloom that has been passed down through the generations that is packed with sentimental value but not quite in line with current fashion. Showcase Jewellers can refashion your jewellery, melting it down and redesigning it into a stunning and timeless engagement ring. Remodelling your precious jewellery provides your loved one with an engagement ring that’s simply overflowing with meaning.

Whichever ring you decide on, your partner is sure to love it. The engagement ring you choose will stand as a gleaming symbol of the strength of your relationship and the passion you share.
You know what you have to do now, so get out there and find the ring of her dreams. Good luck!

Handy guide to help you choose the perfect engagement ring

Use Showcase Jewellers’ handy guide to help you choose the perfect engagement ring, and take the stress out of planning for that special moment.


Making Sure Your Diamonds Retain Their Sparkle

Buying diamond jewellery is something of an important undertaking, as a lot of time, care and attention goes into choosing that perfect piece. Perhaps it was the brilliant sparkle or enigmatic shine that attracted you to a certain ring or necklace – either way, you’ll want your jewellery to look as fabulous as the day you bought it. As with clothes, watches and other items that we wear everyday, jewellery collects dirt and grime through ordinary activities like cooking, cleaning and exercising. Learning how to keep your diamonds in tip-top condition is a simple process and, by following this guide, you’ll ensure that your jewels stay shining brightly for years to come. 

Clean machine

Keeping your ring, necklace or pendant clean is an integral part in ensuring that it’ll keep that effervescent gleam that so attracted it to you in the first place. Keeping your jewellery cleaned at home is a simple, quick task that you can do, in between coming into one of our specialist stores to have it professionally maintained.

Purchase a soft toothbrush to be used solely for this purpose, and prepare a bowl of warm water mixed with a reputable liquid detergent. Bubbles are good! Proceed to brush the diamonds carefully, removing any build-up of dirt and grime you can see, attempting to get under the stones and any other hard-to-reach places. After you’ve finished brushing, rinse your jewellery under running water. Use a strainer or colander to ensure that your ring doesn’t get washed away, but ensure the plug is in anyway, for extra reassurance. Whilst rinsing, continue to brush – this should help to remove any excess grime and soap remaining on your jewels, before drying with a lint-free cloth. Try and carry out this process at least once a month.

Save them from themselves

Storing your diamonds in a suitable location is just as important as giving them a regular clean. Diamonds are renowned as the hardest materials on Earth, but that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. In fact, they can be surprisingly brittle – they are formed in layers, and those layers can peel away if met with enough pressure. Like two tough men at loggerheads, a diamond can scratch another diamond if chucked nonchalantly together. It’s good practice to store your jewellery in a specialist box, with compartments for each separate stone, protecting them from each other. Most gemstones are harder than the metal that they are set in and so can ruin the fine finish of your precious band or watch strap, so by treating them carefully and you should encounter no real problems.

Wearing a fine jewellery item is not advised when doing activities where it is likely to come into contact with dirt or come to harm, so store it away safely when hitting the gym or taking to the rugby field. It’s also important to remember that everyday chemicals, such as chlorine, can have a drastically detrimental effect on your diamonds, so remove them if you’re heading to the spa or going for a few lengths in the swimming pool.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

By following this simple advice, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything possible to maintain your diamonds and keeping them looking their brilliant best. However, the finest way to keep your diamonds nice and sparkling clear is to have them professionally maintained at Showcase Jewellers, who give your precious stones the care and attention that they deserve, giving an impression so impressive you’ll think they’ve never been worn before. By treating your jewellery to regular inspections at Showcase Jewellers at least once a year, you can ensure that you won’t be subjected to unnecessary repairs over the lifetime of your piece. Additionally, we’ll check that your diamond is still securely set in its mount and set to sparkle for years to come.  

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