Of the treasures we collect throughout our lives, from our first CD to the concert ticket stubs from your favourite band, there are a rare few which will accompany us through the decades, holding a place close to our hearts. 

It’s these treasures which carry a story, or a special meaning, reminding us whenever we set eyes upon them. We may keep such pieces for years, but their significance will remain as fresh as ever. 

Jewellery, one of the most personal gifts you can receive, becomes a part of your life when you wear it. Diamond jewellery is especially iconic, representing purity and strength of spirit which will never fade. 

Dreaming of Dreamtime 

When it comes to choosing a jewellery gift that will accompany the wearer through the many years to come, Dreamtime Diamonds come with a story all of their own. A distinctly Australian treasure, Dreamtime Diamonds are sourced from a remote area in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, from the Argyle Diamond Mine. 

Diamonds were first discovered in Australia in 1851, with the majority of Australia’s stunning gems now sourced from the Argyle mine – operating in the heart of the Outback for over 30 years. 

Each Dreamtime piece is designed to enhance the natural beauty and brilliance of these special Australian jewels. Give your loved one a twinkling of star like diamonds in the form of Dreamtime’s elegant, yet modern rose gold earrings, with their delicate central cluster setting. 

Filled with ancient symbolism, the boab tree, also known of as the ‘tree of life’ represents solidarity and eternity due to their incredibly long life span. The Dreamtime diamond boab tree pendant is a beautiful illustration of this poignant symbolism, with the fine branches of the tree set with six beautiful diamonds. 

The source for Dreamtime’s precious diamonds, the Argyle mine is also known for producing stunning examples of coloured diamonds, which can be found in the Dreamtime 9ct gold diamond ring.

Its shining, interwoven golden bands are encrusted with champagne coloured and white diamonds to create a luminous, perfectly balanced effect, sure to have a special place in the heart of the receiver.