It isn’t just a pretty colour, the stunning shade of blue aquamarine gemstones flatter almost every complexion. The stone’s popularity isn’t new either – it dates back to the Greeks, whose sailors wore aquamarine amulets to protect them from Poseidon’s anger.  

However, just because the gem has been around and admired for a while, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkle to your outfit in a refreshing new way. Let’s dive into some ideas of how best to wear the March gemstone!

The laws of colour

Before we go into detail, it’s important to talk about the general rules of colour coordination. Red, yellow and blue are the three primary colours you always want to consider when making your choice, with green, purple and orange the dominant secondary colours. 

You always want to make sure you match primary with secondary pieces to make your ensemble stand out in the best way. So what do you wear with aquamarine jewellery? Do like Mindy Kaling at the Met Gala! 

Donning a gorgeous white gown, Mindy added some aquamarine sparkle with gorgeous dangly earrings and a statement ring.  Whites and neutrals are always lovely combined with the cool blue glitz of aquamarine. 

Even if you’re not heading to the Met Gala anytime soon, you can glam up your next romantic evening rendezvous with some elegant but stunning stud earrings and maybe a delicate belcher bracelet to balance your bling.

Strengthen your March outfit game 

Taking your styling skills to the next level doesn’t have to be restricted to impressing your partner on a night out. That aquamarine-coloured shift dress you’ve had in your closet forever? You can rock that with an elegant pairing of drop pearl earrings and a matching pearl ring

Part of the beauty of the colour aquamarine is that you can mix and match it with both gold and silver jewellery – show some of your personal style! Have fun with your outfits this March with the unique brilliance of aquamarine. 

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