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What your jewellery says about your personality


Your jewellery is more than just a way to accessorise – it expresses your individuality and speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. 

What does your jewellery say about you? 

Big and bold

People who wear statement pieces tend to have a lot of confidence. Rocking a stand-out necklace or ring shows that you aren’t afraid to turn heads – you like being the centre of attention and don’t shy away from the spotlight. 

Adding something like this yellow gold amethyst ring, or this white gold tanzanite ring to your collection shows you are a trendsetter. Embrace your fiercest inner self and dare to be different with these awesome jewellery pieces. 


Women who wear pearls are intrinsically elegant and have a classic style. If this is you, you probably prefer simpler, understated styles.

Wearing pearls often shows that you have traditional values and hold your family close. You have a calm demeanour and a certain poise that makes other people feel reassured around you. 

You most likely have timeless tastes and are drawn to pieces like our sterling silver pearl strand, or other items which will blend in perfectly with your stylish and elegant wardrobe.


Fine jewellery

If you go fine jewellery, you are probably very comfortable in yourself with a well-defined personal style. You are grounded, focussed and pay attention to detail, so you’d rather have a few well-chosen pieces that complement any outfit and that will last a lifetime, such as our white gold diamond cluster studs, or the white gold diamond and sapphire studs,

It’s likely that you value jewellery with some kind of personal significance, such as something given to you by someone special, or even a piece you have inherited form a dear family member. Our limited edition rings will suit you perfectly, as they are exclusive, stylish and always the best quality.

Fine jewellery, like this diamond necklace, indicates that you pay attention to detail.

Colour coordinated

Do you like to wear jewellery in matched sets? If so, this could mean you are organised and responsible. People who wear sets of jewellery, like the white gold Lily® cut diamond drop earrings, cut diamond halo ring and cut diamond pendant, are often kind and generous hosts. People may seek you out for advice, as you are known for being great to talk to. 

To pick out the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your unique personality, come in to see us at one of our stores

Get that royal sparkle with a limited edition ring

Have you ever wanted to feel like a princess? Or do you think your partner deserves some royal sparkle to show them just how much you value them? We have the bling you’ve been looking for!

Showcase Jewellers are proud to announce that this April, we are launching a collection of limited edition rings. Elegant, high quality and unique, pieces such as the Sophia ring are set to not only stand out in their own right, but make their wearer sparkle like a princess herself.

Feel like a royal with the limited edition ring Sophia.

Getting the royal look

If you think about the jewellery of Kate Middleton, Sarah Fergusson and Princess Grace, they all have one thing in common: gorgeous, prominent gems.

While they each have their own style, rocking your own sparkler with a royal feel to it means paying attention to the details. You see, not every diamond is equal. On the contrary, you need to pay close attention to the cut, carat, colour and clarity.

1. Cut

Every diamond’s brilliancy depends on the way it is cut. This means the way the gem and its facets are polished directly influences how the light is reflected and dispersed through it.

When the angles are correct, the light enters and exits through the top facets. If, however, the stone is cut too deep or shallow, you end up with light getting lost at the bottom or through the side – diminishing your ring’s much loved sparkle .

2. Carat

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. So, the higher the carat weight of your bling, the more rare it is.

There are more nuanced differences than simple carat though. Each carat is categorised into 100 point weights, meaning that a 75 point diamond weighs .75 carats. It’s important to note that carat-weight doesn’t necessarily determine the value of your stone though. Two rings with a one carat diamond can vary drastically in price depending on the cut, clarity and colour of the stone itself.

3. Colour

White diamonds are the traditional favourite gem stone – even though they naturally come in a wide variety of colours! So what’s the difference?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a rating system for white diamonds from colourless (D) to light yellow (Z). The aim of the game is to get a diamond that’s as close to no colour as possible.

Fortunately, the differences between grades aren’t always obvious. So even though you know your significant other deserves the absolute best, she won’t sparkle any less if her diamond isn’t a D grade.

4. Clarity

The final C, clarity, refers to the amount of flaws in the diamond. Again, you want to come as close to flawless as possible as some blemishes can interfere with the light radiating through the stone.

So we know the royal princesses of this world have sparklers that are as rare as they come. But, just because you might not have the treasure chest of a kingdom, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your other half a rarity.


The unique touch of limited edition 

When it comes to unique jewellery, limited editions are the ultimate way to show your love. Rare, beautiful and high quality, these gems give your princess the sparkle of a real-life royal.

Showcase’s Sophia ring, for example, is a gorgeous 18ct white gold cluster cut at an impressive 1.00 carat total diamond weight. What makes this particular style so stunning is that it brings together the classic sparkle of diamonds with possibly the most royal of all other gemstones: the sapphire.

And to make sure you have prove of the rarity of the limited edition bling, your ring will come with a certificate stating which number in the series it is.

Do you want to surprise your love with the most special jewellery gifts possible? Get in touch with your local Showcase Jeweller today.

May’s birthstone: How to style emerald jewellery


Legend has it that an emerald placed under your tongue will allow you to see the future.

We don’t know about that, but we do know that emerald jewellery will make you look dazzling. Emeralds have captivated eyes and imaginations for centuries with their deep green sparkle, and they are still one of the most popular gemstones you can buy. 

One of the reasons emeralds are so popular is because they are among the rarest gemstones on the planet. The vivid tones are said to represent love and rebirth, as green is a colour typically associated with spring. Emeralds are also the birthstone for May, said to give their wearers youth and good fortune!

Once you get your hands on emerald jewellery, you want to do the stone justice by wearing it well. In honour of May’s birthstone, here are our best tips for styling the glittering green gem

Emeralds are such a brilliant colour that you have to be careful about what shades you pair them with.

Colour coordinating

Emeralds are such a brilliant colour that you have to be careful about the shades you pair them with. When choosing your outfit, keep it simple: loud wardrobe pieces can compete with your jewellery, distracting the eye and overwhelming your finished look. 

The best colours for your outfit are neutrals. Black is ideal as it makes a great backdrop for emeralds, allowing their colour and depth to stand out. 

Emeralds are captivating and mysterious, so they have been sought after for centuries.


Emeralds can be bold and make a strong statement. Because of this, you may need to balance them other, simpler pieces of jewellery. For example, if you are wearing this spectacular yellow gold emerald and diamond band on your finger, you may want to even out your look with these demure yellow gold ball stud earrings.

When choosing other jewellery to go with your emeralds, bear in mind that the green gems work best on their own. Wearing other gemstones can make the different colours compete for attention. Diamonds are an exception, so simple diamond accessories work perfectly with emerald jewellery.

While emeralds with emeralds can look gorgeous, you should take the size of the pieces into account. If you are wearing a large necklace at the same time as heavy earrings, you run the risk of looking overdone. If you want to wear a set, make sure that each piece is smaller and more demure. 

Emerald rings can be bold and daring, so to let them stand out keep your clothes, hair and makeup simple.

Hair and makeup 

Keep your hair and makeup elegant and simple. Emeralds are classic, so they look best with sophisticated styling. Neutral makeup and an understated hair style will allow your jewellery to be the focal point of your look. People won’t be able to tear their eyes away – prepare to be showered with compliments! 

Wearing emeralds

Emeralds are special stones and as such should be treated with special care. They are brittle stones, which means that although they are not easily scratched, they can chip or crack if knocked. Bumps and smudges can damage your precious emeralds, so try to protect your stones from as much contact as possible. 

When putting together an outfit involving emeralds, you should always put your jewellery on last, after your makeup, hair and clothes. For emerald rings, it’s best to avoid wearing them on your dominant hand, as this can help you keep them safe from accidental bumps. 

To add some emerald sparkle to your wardrobe, drop by one of our stores or browse our collections online. 

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