We’ve all been there – wandering aimlessly around a crowded shopping centre in a futile hunt for that perfect birthday gift. It’s not supposed to be easy, but your options are markedly broadened if you’re on the hunt for a sparkling piece of jewellery. Even so, with all those different types, cuts and designs to choose from, selecting that special stone is no easy task – so let Showcase Jewellers lend you a helping hand.

August babies will make others green with envy with peridot as their gemstone.

You can immediately narrow the field by going for a glittering gift from your lucky recipient’s birth month – and August babies will make others green with envy with peridot as their gemstone. That’s right – birthstones make for a beautiful birthday gift. Let’s take a look at three sweet reasons you should pick up the peridot for that perfect present.

1. An awesome alternative

We all know how much you guys love a glittering piece of gold or superb slice of silver, but when you’re looking for something that little bit more unique, peridot is the way to go. It was called the ‘Gem Of The Sun’ by the ancient Egyptians, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Those guys reckoned it would keep evil spirits at bay and even prevent the wearer from suffering nightmares – though we can’t guarantee that peridot does such things, it’s reason enough to give it a chance!

Peridot was believed by the Ancient Egyptians to have mystical powers.

Peridot is a known for its deep, green hue, and this can vary from stone to stone. Sometimes, that colour is pale, almost opaque, but peridot can also come in a gorgeous, deep green akin to emerald. It’s of a moderate hardness (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale), so is pretty robust and easy to care for – what’s not to love? 

Peridot is a known for its deep, green hue, and this can vary from stone to stone.

2. Making the extra effort

Picking peridot over the more traditional gemstones will show that you’ve gone the extra mile when perusing your local Showcase Jewellers store. You’ll be giving a thoughtful, timeless gift that’s personal to the recipient and their story, and can be worn for many a special occasion. These white gold peridot oval studs are sure to go down a storm at any wedding, high school reunion or formal business meeting, delivering a certain elegance without being too overstated.

3. Colour me green 

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the grandiose green associated with peridot, the hue caused by the iron content within the stone. Pretty much any shade of green will work with a veritable rainbow of colours, especially itself – and with that in mind, pairing the aforementioned studs with this exemplary peridot oval pendant is a great idea and a boon to any jewellery collection. The matching set would make for an sumptuous gift, which can instantly enhance any outfit and help the wearer feel a million proverbial dollars.

Of course, we at Showcase Jewellers are about more than simply peridot, no matter how much we might love it. We’ve got a jewellery collection for every month of the year, so whether you’re shopping for a March maiden or an April angel, we’ll have something for you. Be sure to contact our expert team to find out more – and make August awesome!