Buying jewellery is an exciting time, especially if you are buying a piece for a beloved relative or partner – or yourself – to mark a special occasion. To make the jewellery you select really stand out and ensure the owner enjoys wearing their sparkling gift, consider engraving for a truly unique and personalised addition to any jewellery collection. 

Seeing your name or a favourite quote adorned forever onto a ring, bangle or other glittering accessory is a surefire way to capture a memory or other special time in your lives. Discover what the different possible reasons for engraving are, along with the range of options available to you.


Adding an engraving to a piece of jewellery is a fantastic way to present a special someone with a gift that is truly made for them. Perhaps you will choose to engrave your names around a ring, stamp a memorable date onto a pendant necklace or wrap a meaningful quote around a bracelet – whichever you pick, you can be sure that engraved jewellery will always be an extremely personal, thoughtful gift.


An increasing number of people are choosing to wear jewellery for medical purposes. Silver chain bracelets can be easily adapted and are a popular choice for those that require special medical attention, or have particular allergies, in the case of an accident or other event in which it’s vital for this information to be communicated. While highly practical in its primary purposes, engraved medical jewellery can also add a touch of shine to your everyday look as well.


When deciding to engrave jewellery, you can really make an item into a one-off accessory. Let your imagination (and creativity) run wild to think of engraving possibilities that are out of the norm. Consider different textures, metals as well as methods of engraving, such as laser or traditional engraving, to ensure that the jewellery piece you adorn with your idea is exclusive