Beautiful jewellery is an investment designed to last a lifetime, so it’s important to keep it in good shape and care for it appropriately.

Let’s have a look at when you should take it for some professional tender loving care.

When should you have a maintenance check?

To keep your jewellery in good condition it’s important to take it in for professional maintenance once a year, at a stretch every year and a half. This ensures that any damage or wear from use and age is caught before it’s too late. This is particularly important for rings containing precious jewels where it is essential that prongs are kept strong and tight.

Well trained jewellers are able to tighten any loose fittings as well as file out any dents or deep scratches. This will help to protect the surface of your pieces over their lifetime.

It is advisable to take your jewellery for a check up after getting it first professionally cleaned. This allows jewellers to have an unhindered view of the piece and makes it easier to spot any potential areas of damage and wear.

Even diamonds can get chipped in the bustle of daily life.

When should you have jewellery professionally cleaned?

Fine jewellery should be something worn with pride, whenever and wherever you like – so it’s important to keep them sparkling.

While quite a lot of cleaning can be done at home, for your finest pieces we recommend taking them for a thorough professional clean every six months to a year. This can usually be done at your local jewellers for a very reasonable cost.

Jewellery care tips

A lot of your jewellery will be made of the highest quality metals, diamonds and gemstones – but this does not make them indestructible. Even diamonds can be chipped and worn in the rough and tumble of daily life. To keep your jewellery intact here are a few of our top tips:

  1. Avoid wearing while swimming. Not only is it easy for rings and bracelets to slip off unnoticed, chlorine can tarnish metals and even some gemstones.
  2. Don’t wear your pieces to the gym. It’s not worth exposing them to the risk of getting caught and damaged in moving machinery. Also they will become very dirty from sweat.
  3. Rings especially should not be worn for any physical activities that involve your hands. This includes chores like washing the dishes, gardening or lifting heavy weights. Gemstones can easily be chipped when banged and the ring can become scratched.

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