Asking someone to marry you is one of the biggest decisions – and questions – you’ll ever make, so taking the time to ensure that your proposal goes down with aplomb and is memorable is hopefully a life long investment.

While asking over a cosy dinner for two or on an exotic getaway is becoming commonplace, get creative with these proposal ideas to really ensure this once-in-a-lifetime event is truly remarkable.

Rent a billboard

If you’re going to ask someone to marry you, why not let the whole town know too? Renting a billboard is an excellent alternative to standard proposal formats, and is surely likely to be remembered by your loved one as well as everyone else who sees it.

Contact your local council or other relevant authority to investigate how to make this proposal dream become a reality, and consult a graphic designer to create a unique font to emblazon the all-important question in a stylish way.

Go viral

For a thoroughly modern proposal, use the internet as both the source of inspiration and platform for your proposal.

If you and your partner are always in fits of giggles, consider making a meme to propose in a sweet but humorous way.

Another option could be organising a flash mob to totally take your fiance to-be by surprise. Add to the excitement and drama by adopting a theme relevant to both of you, and pop the question when they least expect it – with the help of hired actors who are all in on the plan to make your proposal go as smoothly as possible.

Spell it out

Those important words don’t just have to be spoken. Consider writing them in the sky with an aeroplane, decorating balloons with each letter or even carving onto a pumpkin for a spooky proposal if you so wish, there are many ways to communicate ‘will you marry me?’

However you decide to propose to your partner, be sure to dazzle them with jewellery – a sparkling diamond ring is the perfect way to complete your proposal plans!