Humanity has been using gold decoratively for more than six millennia. Way back in 4000 B.C, an ancient civilisation in the area known today as Eastern Europe used the yellow metal to beautify its people and the objects in their society.

Fast forward to the modern word, and the gleam of gold is as alluring as ever. Society’s craving for the metal is so strong it’s almost instinctual.

Captivated by the metal’s timeless sparkle, lovers have traditionally used gold as the material of choice for their engagement rings. In recent times, however, some people have begun to abandon gold in favour of ultra-rare platinum. They’re both beautiful, quality materials, and are equally capable of being crafted into phenomenal pieces of jewellery.

When it comes to buying your engagement rings, what should you do? Pick platinum or go for gold?


The most obvious difference between the two metals is their colour. Gold is naturally, well, gold, while platinum is a dazzling white. Gold is somewhat more versatile, in that it can be alloyed with copper to create rose gold and with some white metals to create white gold. 

The pink hue of rose gold is undeniably romantic, and the presence of copper makes the metal more durable than pure gold and white gold. White gold attracts the eye, but over time will gradually lose its colour and revert back to its natural yellow. To treat this fading, white gold needs to have its rhodium plating reapplied every few years.

Platinum is naturally white and tarnish-resistant, so will never need to undergo this treatment.


Most people are going to be wearing their engagement band on daily basis – some may never remove theirs. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, it’s inevitable that your ring gets knocked about a bit over the course of your daily life. With this in mind, it’s important that the construction of your ring is hardy enough to withstand whatever you throw at it.

Gold and platinum are both strong, durable metals, but they do have their differences. Platinum is ultimately the strong of the two, but is more susceptible to scratches. 


Platinum’s durability comes from its high density. This density means that platinum rings will ultimately weigh more than their yellow counterparts. Some people will prefer the solidity of the extra weight, while others will find it cumbersome.

Although unlikely, the nickel alloy used in many gold rings can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Platinum is considered hypoallergenic and should be safe for anyone to wear.


Cost can often be a deciding factor when choosing your rings. Platinum is extremely rare, and it has a very low annual supply, making it about 19 times more rare than gold according to analyses by Johnson Matthey and the World Gold Council. Platinum and gold happen to share a similar price per gram, but because platinum has a greater density, more of it is required to create a ring. Consequently, platinum bands are more expensive than gold bands.


There’s no clear winner here: both metals have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gold has proven itself over thousands years to be the metal of choice for adorning the body and enhancing the wearer’s beauty. With such a proven history, there’s little chance that gold will go out of fashion any time soon. The timelessness of a gold ring is a nice symbol of the enduring commitment of your relationship.

Platinum, while pricey, is captivating in its rarity and its subtle colour offers an understated elegance. The scarcity of the metal lends a certain exclusivity to its jewellery, and the unique nature of a platinum ring is sure to reflect the unique nature of your marriage.  

e precisely what your best friend will enjoy, what you would be comfortable giving her, and the occasion. Most girls will enjoy all forms of jewellery, no matter whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or watch, but you’ll know better than most what your best friend will admire.

Similarly, if you don’t feel particularly comfortable bestowing certain items upon her, then take your time to choose something that you’ll love to give and that she will adore. Thirdly, consider the occasion. Birthdays and Christmas are the obvious time to present your special friend with a lovely piece of jewellery, but you can choose any time to show your friend how much you love and care about her.


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