As many of you know, creating the perfect engagement is a particular nerve-wracking time. There is so much pressure in ensuring everything goes completely to plan, not to mention the worry of your partner’s response!

Hopefully, most of you are proposing to a woman (or man) that you know will be thrilled with the question, so your only concern is how to ask in the most romantic way possible. Here are a few pointers that will inspire you when planning this special day. 

1. The ring
Obviously, this is the focal point of the proposal and the tangible object that will represent this moment for the rest of your lives. Try to pay attention to the jewellery that she has shown interest in in the past, in particular gold colour preference (i.e yellow gold, white gold or rose gold) and also the diamond shape she prefers (i.e round, princess, oval, etc). Note the style she currently wears, too – some women prefer more classic designs, while others will opt for a noticeably antique-inspired piece or something contemporary.

2. The setting
Find a place that you feel best represents your relationship. If you both love spending time outdoors, try taking her for a picnic in one of the beautiful gardens in your city – extra points if you make the food yourself! If you like adventure, a hot air balloon proposal is unforgettable. Another great idea is to take her back to the place you first met. She’ll love that you remembered this special place and it also represents another new beginning in your relationship.

3. The timing
Timing is crucial. Make sure you propose to her at a time when life is sailing smoothly (or as smoothly as possible!). When there are other things playing on our minds, it’s very difficult to enjoy the moment as purely as when the going is good.

The proposal is a moment that you both will remember forever. Keep it authentic and true to your relationship, and most importantly – enjoy it! This is your moment, too.