‘Tis the season to be jolly, but nothing will make her happier than a stunning diamond on her finger and the promise to spend a lifetime together. We all know that good things come in small packages, which is why a diamond ring is the perfect gift – just imagine the look on her face as the stone shimmers and reflects the Christmas tree lights!

So, how should you pop the question over the yuletide festivities? Unleash your most charming smile and tell her, “say yule marry me?” after you’ve set in motion one of these epic proposal plans with the help of Santa’s elves (aka your friends and family!). 

1. Oodles of ornaments 

Place the ring inside a sparkling bauble ornament, or sneakily hang it around a candy cane or reindeer antler ornament. Hang these proposal ornaments right at the bottom of the Christmas tree, hidden away in the thickest branches so they aren’t in plain sight. Next, create clues for her to look through the tree branches until she stumbles upon the most opulent, outstanding ornament of them all – one that will soon adorn her finger! 

2. Adorable advent calendar 

This proposal idea is so literally and figuratively sweet that you’ll stay on her nice list for years to come. No coal in your stockings, no sir!

Purchase any advent calendar that she will like, such as with pictures of pugs or flowers, but for the Christmas Eve pocket gently open up the compartment and replace the chocolate with your ring. Softly seal it shut so it looks unopened, using a piece of tape on the inside flap to secure it shut. When she opens the calendar on December 24, she’ll know Santa has already taken a trip down the chimney and gifted her an everlasting special present!

3. De-lightful Christmas lights 

String up the words ‘Say yule marry me’ in LED fairy lights or Christmas lights along a room, or, for a more dramatic reveal, across the exterior wall of your house. For an even more elaborate and extravagant proposal, go door to door at the homes of your local Christmas-lights street and ask if one of the home-owners would be willing to add the proposal lights to their existing set-up of snowmen, reindeer and so on. Then, take your soon to-be Mrs. Claus on an ‘innocent’ trip to see the neigbourhood’s Xmas lights. Stop in front of that house, get down on one knee as the lights go on, and blow her away! 

If you’re unsure which local street is getting dolled up for Xmas, check out ‘Christmas Light’ to find the one closest to you, or even road trip to the major ones in bigger capital cities!

4. A cracker of a Christmas

This idea has the benefit of being in front of your friends and family as you share a scrumptious Xmas meal. As you go around the table opening your crackers, she will be completely surprised when she pops hers open to find a glittering ring instead of a joke or party trick. Choose silver, white or gold crackers to add to the precious metal theme – you could even match your cracker to the ring, as here at Showcase Jewellers we have bands in all the metal tones. We also have a lovely new custom ring design service, so you can actually craft a design inspired by Christmas using snowflakes or other festive symbols. 

5. She said sea shells yes

Finally, since we have a summer Christmas, take her to the beach for a classic Aussie Xmas picnic and propose by opening a sea shell with the ring inside! Simple, sweet, seasonal and summery.