Proposing to your loved one is very nerve-wracking, and deciding on the perfect way to execute the whole thing can be confusing and difficult.

Here are three quirky proposal ideas that can take the guess work out of this special day – we promise, your partner will love them, too!

Scavenger hunt

By setting up a bunch of personalised clues and destinations, this can be a really fun activity for your partner, according to If he or she loves the thrill of discovery, then a few hours of darting all over town to your favourite park, gelato store and restaurant (or a combination of relevant places to your relationship), and ending with you in the most special place of the lot, down on one knee and holding a stunning engagement ring will be a dream come true.

Flash mob

We’ve seen this idea in a lot of films lately, and we’re sure your partner has, too! If your partner isn’t the kind of person who would get overwhelmed by a public gesture of this proportion, this is a wonderful engagement idea that we’re sure will end in a great response. A popular idea, according to The New York Times, is a flash mob dance number. These can be set to romantic, wedding-themed tunes like ‘Marry You’ by artist Bruno Mars. There are plenty of ways these proposals can be personalised – try thinking of a place that is very meaningful to you both, and then consider the best way to execute a flash mob. Consider a group dance piece, a freeze flash mob or even something prop-related if you have a private joke regarding something specific. 

The photo album

If your partner loves the concept of making memories and is constantly poring over old photo albums, then perhaps you can play up to this. Fill the album with great times you’ve shared together as a couple and on the last page you can either have a gorgeous photo of your partner with a Photoshopped ring on their hand, recommended by, or you could have a picture of yourself holding up a sign asking them to marry you. The choice is yours as to how creative you get with this!