Despite sharing a love for stunning jewellery pieces, our customers can be rather diverse. As a way to help you with the selection process and find gorgeous jewellery for your friend, partner or family member, we have identified three personality types and ideas for choosing the right piece when buying jewellery online! 

The classic beauty
If you know a lady who looks perfectly presented at all times and who takes pride in portraying herself to the world in a way that is timelessly elegant, you may have a classic beauty on your hands! Captivated by eras gone by and commanding attention wherever she goes, this lady appreciates a more conservative time when women looked stunning every moment of the day. Try treating her with a string of pearls, simple diamond studs or a sparkly cocktail ring to really complement her love of all things classical.

The fashionista
A follower of fashion, this girl understands the importance of a brilliant designer. She is often found trawling through fashion blogs, constantly on alert as she anticipates the latest collections – even before they’ve hit the runway! Spoil her with a gorgeous piece by Karen Walker or Thomas Sabo – she will certainly appreciate your understanding of her passion and she will already have seven outfits lined up to wear with your choice before it’s out of the wrapping.

The modern woman
With an interest in modern trends but a belief that every individual should put her own spin on fashion, the modern woman is a funny one to shop for. On the hunt for eclectic pieces that really stand out, this is one jewellery-wearer who will try most things once! Play up to her personality with statement pieces such as chunky charm bracelets and rings that pop. This woman loves to mix things up and experiment with random pairings, so don’t worry too much about finding things that match!