It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing jewellery, especially if you’ve yet to acquire a solid foundation of jewels from which to expand your collection from. So we’ve decided to take a look at which items should form the basis of any jewellery collection – pieces that are chic and timeless no matter your style, budget or the occasion.

Pearl earrings

Perhaps the top of any jewellery to-buy list, a lustrous set of pearls to wear on your ears is renowned for creating a polished, elegant look. These are ideal for an everyday outfit as well as adding to evening attire too. Pearls are traditionally a gorgeous cream shade, but in more recent times, it’s also become fashionable to wear black or other coloured pearls. Pearl earrings will suit many items in your wardrobe and are likely to shine year after year, making these a wonderful present or treasured family possession.

Diamond necklace

Nothing says high-octane glamour than a diamond necklace, and you’re likely to feel a million bucks whenever you put this dazzling piece on. Choose from a single cut stone or go all-out and wear rows of these sparkling jewels to draw attention to necklines, shoulder details or even an interesting hairstyle. Plus, the brilliant, shiny nature of these durable stones is great for adding a glow to your face too.


Not just a functional timepiece, watches have become a way of making a style statement in themselves. It’s quite common to have two or more watches to suit different events and changes in style. A leather strap wristwatch is a practical, refined accessory choice while silver or gold link styles are perfect for more dressy looks, plus being a way to add sparkle easily into the most simple of outfits. Ideal for work, relaxing or a special event, a watch makes for a wise investment piece.