Often, jewellery is the gift of choice for men buying for women – but what about them? If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your man on his birthday, perhaps you should consider some jewellery of his own.

Here are a few jewellery options for men – we promise he’ll love them.


A classic staple for any man, cufflinks tie an outfit together. We have a wide range of offerings in store, but if you prefer to buy online, take a look at the variety of cufflinks we have to offer – from plain silver, to pieces with black accent, there is something for both the traditional and fashion-forward men. According to Antonio Centeno, President of and the founder of RealMenRealStylecom, simplicity in cufflinks is the key to a tasteful look – avoid novelty cufflinks apart from for special occasions.


Rings for men don’t have to be confined to sharing nuptials! Some men opt for the typical Johnny Depp look – that is lots of chunky rings adorning their fingers. Others like to keep things understated with a simple band, accompanying their own wedding ring. Play up to your man’s style with rings, and be sure to find out what his preference is – subtly, of course!


Every man needs a great watch, one that he can wear morning through night, at work and on the weekend – sometimes he may actually require one for each of these occasions. With so many to choose from, there’s a style for every taste. Whether your partner prefers brown or black leather, metal or even a sports watch, you’ll be sure to find the perfect kind for him at Showcase Jewellers. Consider his job, lifestyle and sporting activities when you are on the hunt for the perfect timekeeper – this is a gift he’ll never take off.