A true fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker makes one right choice after another when it comes to her clothing and jewellery. Always on trend, she flits from classic elegance to crazy modern looks at the drop of a – very beautiful and expensive – hat.

With many of us looking on in amazement, we just can’t get enough of her red-carpet accessory choices – and the desire to emulate them continues!

Here we have three ways in which you can steal her style.

Statement necklaces

This is they key component in most of Sarah’s choices – her necklaces are often as spectacular as the dress she’s wearing, as you can see in many of her red carpet pictures across the web. Whether she’s sporting layers of pearls, huge statement-jewel pieces, chunky collars or tribal chokers – or a combination of these – she makes some eclectic choices that really showcase her natural sense of style.

Layer upon layer of bracelets

With no particular theme, this Sex and the City star adorns her wrists with gold and silver chains, charm bracelets, leather bands and gem bracelets with one message being very clear – the more the merrier! With reference to her most recent looks at the Shiaparelli-amFAR Inspiration Gala and the 2014 CLIO Image Awards, effortlessly cool SJP piles her wrist accessories on and makes a relaxed statement – and, paired with her incredible red carpet fashion, the look works perfectly.

Keep it simple

SJP tends to let her stunning diamond engagement ring do all the talking when it comes to her hands, but occasionally she does opt for a few basic bands to adorn her fingers – not to take attention away from her gem! To try the simple-yet-effective look SJP opted for at her recent shoe line launch at the Nord​strom Aventura Mall, style yourself with gold and silver bands.

With so many looks, you can mix things up as much as you like when stealing SJP’s style. No matter which accessory best suits your personality, you will easily find inspiration from one of the most fashionable women in film.