There’s no denying jewellery is a gorgeous accessory for anyone – but with so many different skin tones and several choices for jewellery options, how do you know which one is best for you? 

Recent trends have shown us that there’s no harm in mixing and matching when it’s done well, but if you’re looking for a traditional analysis of which one naturally brings out your natural beauty, try these tips.

Find one piece of gold-toned jewellery (such as yellow or rose gold) and one in bright silver (such as silver or white gold). Move to an area with a mirror and plenty of natural light and remove any makeup. Hold each piece up next to your face and watch carefully. The one that suits you best will be the one that naturally makes your skin appear brighter and healthier. The colour works well if it distracts from imperfections such as dark circles or blemishes, and it works less well if you notice those fine lines or spots. 

Generally speaking, people with warmer skin tones will opt for golden shades, while those with cooler complexions stick with silver ones.

Warm tones often come with hair colours that have reddish or golden highlights, earthy eye colours such as brown and warm blues, and a peachy or yellow tone to the skin. If you have ever had your makeup done or have had a seasonal wardrobe advisor, you may already be aware that you have a ‘warm’ tone. 

Those with cool tones can tell by looking at a few traits. They will notice blue-ish veins, a pink or red tone when looking in the mirror (sans makeup!), and cooler blue, green or grey eyes. 

Remember that dyed hair, makeup and fake tan can all slightly alter your colouring, and your outfits may also play a part. Jewellery knows no laws, so if you think those gorgeous earrings suit you – go for gold (even if they’re silver)!