Wedding Jewellery – What you need to know

When your man finally gets down on one knee and extends his hand, revealing that small, velvet box, a whole whirl of emotions and thoughts pace frenetically through your mind – ‘Yes! At last!’, ‘How did he know I wanted sapphires?’, or ‘I’ve got just the shoes to match with that ruby’. It’s unlikely, however, that the more subtle nuances of getting engaged bound into your head – the cost of the fine scallops you plan to serve, where and when you choose to tie the knot and even where you go gallivanting off to on your honeymoon as infatuated newlyweds. Fortunately, Bride To Be has carried out its eighth biannual Cost Of Love survey for your perusal, so you and your man can follow the tricks and trends of the Australian bride with our at-a-glance guide.

Some of the biggest questions regarding your impending big day are bound to be centred around money. ‘How much can we afford?’ ‘Will your rich, Lamborghini-driving uncle chip in?’ ‘It’s fine, bread and water for everyone, they won’t notice,’ are some of the ideas no doubt being bandied about. Bearing this in mind, the Cost Of Love survey, first and foremost, is designed to show the average cost of a wedding in Australia, from the price of the satin flowers adorning the walls to your elegant ivory gown.

The Cost Of Love isn’t all about the paper stuff, though. We also asked your fellow brides-to-be several off-the-cuff questions about their upcoming wedding that you may not have thought of. For example, just how much would you be willing to give up to ensure an impeccable wedding day? Two out of five ladies said that they give up alcohol or chocolate for a year – could you do without a glass of bubbles or your favourite, gorgeous, melting brown stuff so that everything turns out perfectly?