Finding the perfect ring for that someone special is an overwhelming prospect if you have a limited understanding of what you should be looking for. There are so many questions, and as you learn more, it only becomes more confusing.

What’s a carat?
What type of band?
Why does clarity matter?
If you’re buying a diamond, you may want to start with our diamond guide (link- but regardless of what stone you’re considering, here are our three most important steps to finding the perfect ring.

1. Begin with the Hand

For the ring to be loved, it has to be more than just beautiful and suit the wearer; it needs to be comfortable. Pay close attention to the hand you are purchasing for and take note of its features –
– are the fingers long and slender?
– Is the hand small or large?
– Are the knuckles pronounced?
Now, you probably think that pronounced knuckles have very little to do with what type of ring will look good and feel comfortable, but you don’t want to be drawing the eye to a body part that your loved one doesn’t like. Also, remember to take into account any scars or marks that they are sensitive about because certain rings accentuate different parts of the hand. A ring will never feel comfortable when it doesn’t make the person wearing it feel good.

2. What They Love vs What They Actually Wear

One of the first things most jewellers will ask a customer when buying a ring for someone else is,
“what type of jewellery do they wear at the moment?”
While this obviously helps the jeweller understand more about a person they don’t know, the importance of the question goes much deeper.
There’s often a big difference between what someone likes and what they will actually wear.
Just because your partner says they like a certain style, or even that they would love to own “something like that” one day, doesn’t mean that when that day comes they will feel the same way. Their ideal style of ring should reflect their established taste, along with their personal aspirations. For example, if your partner has, “always wanted a large statement piece,” doesn’t mean that it’s something they will feel comfortable wearing on a day-to-day basis.

3. Consider Lifestyle

If the ring is to be a permanent fixture on your partner’s finger, then consider their day-to-day activities and habits. Do they tend to take care of their possessions? Do they work in a job that is physically demanding? Are they likely to take the ring off during certain activities, or leave it on?
These are important questions to ask because the type of band you choose may be different when durability is considered. The setting for the stone may need to be something less decorative, and the type of stones (or stones) may need to be revisited.

Once you have an understanding of the type of ring that will look good, make your partner feel good and will also be practical and fit with their lifestyle, you can start making big decisions. Good luck!