There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to apologise to a special someone, and flowers just won’t cut the mustard. When you’ve done something you really, really want to make up for – such as forgetting an important anniversary or forgetting to pick the kids up from school for the fifth time in a row – say it with diamonds. Why? We’ll tell you why.

They last longer

A vase of cut fresh flowers lasts, on average, from four to ten days, with some squeezing out more time with the proper care and conditions. Let’s say you get your loved one a bunch of flowers that makes it to two weeks. How does that compare with a diamond?

Like the James Bond film said, Diamonds are forever. Whether nestled in a stunning ring or strung upon a necklace, as long as your loved one doesn’t lose them, they’ll last until the end of time.

They’re stronger

Flowers are exceptionally pretty, but strong they are not. Drop them on the floor and you’ll get pollen stains, roll them around between your fingers and you’ll crush them completely. The same can’t be said for diamonds – in fact, these bad boys the hardest material found anywhere on earth.

If the person you’re apologising to is perhaps a little more careless than your average person, don’t tempt fate with a delicate crystal vase full of chrysanthemums or roses. They’ll end up broken on the floor in no time. Give them a diamond that they can stomp on, scratch and drop to their heart’s desire and see the glee on their face when they realise this is one gift that can’t be broken.

They’re shinier

There are very few flowers that glisten and shimmer quite the way that diamonds do – it’s just the a fact of nature. If your loved one has magpie tendencies, give them something that will attract their eye time and time again.