The temperature is falling, evenings are getting shorter and the local parks are carpeted with leaves – Autumn is well and truly here. These are the months when you’ll be starting to bundle up and looking for any excuse to wear that great new coat or scarf. Your outfits change and evolve with the seasons – so why shouldn’t your jewellery?

There are certain things you should be looking for this season when considering which accessories to wear. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the three most important jewellery trends to take notice of in autumn 2015.

The shades of autumn

Pantone, though leaders in the world of colour, has paired up with a number of New York Fashion Week designers to decide which colours will be trending this autumn. In the coming months you can expect to see lots of earthy tones that take their cue from nature. This include a range of neutral colours, including Desert Sage, Stormy Weather and Oak Buff, as well as warmer pastels such as Cashmere Rose and Amethyst Orchid, among many others.

This is important to keep in mind when deciding what jewellery to wear. To complement your autumn outfit, you’ll want to lean towards gemstones with gentle colours. Alternatively, create a contrasting effect by throwing on a dazzling pearl necklace.

Get creative with your earrings

This year’s fashion shows in Paris, New York, London, and Milan suggested that you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box – especially when it comes to choosing your earrings. Furthering the trends of previous seasons, many design powerhouses showcased looks featuring single statement-piece earrings and mismatched earrings.

The single earring trend is great news for you, as this means you can go halves with a friend on a pair of Showcase Jewellers earrings and wear one each (not to the same party, of course!). If you decide to try this look, remember to go for big, bold pieces – you want this to look deliberate, not like you forgot to finish getting dressed.

The finishing touch

Many of the major designers also put an emphasis on brooches in their autumn 2015 looks. This underutilised piece can be the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble, and can help to bring attention to the cut and style of that special top. Go for shiny metals such as silver, white gold or platinum to really stand out against the reserved tones of your autumn look.