The 21st birthday continues to be of particular significance and originally referred to the age in which most people around the world officially became an adult. While in many countries this age has now lowered to 18, the 21st birthday still remains a highly regarded life event.

In times gone by, it was commonplace for the birthday boy or girl to receive a key to mark this special birthday as described in the catchy jingle ‘I’ve got the key of the door, never been 21 before!’.

However, in the modern world many people get house keys considerably before the big 2-1, meaning that the token gift has been exchanged for a gift of another metallic kind – shiny new jewellery!

If you wish to continue the original tradition in an updated format, a sparkly silver bracelet is the ideal way to mark this major milestone. A key charm could be added to acknowledge the long-standing tradition in a modern way, as well as giving the owner a beautiful bracelet to adorn their wrist and build a collection of unique charms that mean the most to them.

Another excellent present for a 21st birthday is a platinum chain. This is a great gift for those who prefer more understated jewellery pieces, while the high-quality platinum metal ensures the gift is still suitably luxurious.

To give a present that can be used to add shine to the recipient’s everyday look, a pair of simple pearl earrings offer timeless appeal and subtle elegance. Similarly, a pair of cufflinks is a way to nod to tradition about reaching adulthood, and are the perfect adornment for any suit. Stick to a simple silver choice for a minimalist look, while for those with a more adventurous style are sure to appreciate cufflinks bejewelled with precious gemstones.