Cufflinks, in this day and age, are often seen as a more formal alternative to standard buttons and, though they may not be as immediately striking as a snazzy tie or beautiful dress watch, they are certainly a worthy addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. The two situations in which men may choose to wear cufflinks are in a social setting and the work-related arena – but each one has certain guidelines as to how to utilise them to their maximum effect.

It’s all work work, work

It is rare to see cufflinks on the wrists of men in the workplace today – since the emergence of practical button-down cuffs in the 1970s, there has been little call for them on a day-to-day basis. Art Of Style, the revered fashion website for men, states that wearing cufflinks in the office could even cause tensions, as the adornments are associated with formality and it may create rifts between some employees. 

However, if you are the CEO or managing director of a business, then wearing cufflinks on a  daily basis can be a seen as a sign of your seniority. It’s not completely out of the question that rank-and-file employees shouldn’t wear cufflinks, however. If going to meet important clients or attending formal, work-based events, cufflinks can be worn to add a sense of professionalism to proceedings. Wearing cufflinks when away from the office, though still on business, is a great way of showing that you are serious about your firm and presents a great first impression.

Let’s get social

Though wearing cufflinks to a casual social gathering, such as watching the footy with your mates down the pub, isn’t recommended, there is great call for them at something more formal. Such events as weddings and black-tie balls mean that you’re expected to look as dashing and well-turned out as possible, so using cufflinks rather than standard sleeve buttons are a fine way to start. Cufflinks are known for their understated elegance, so to wear them to such an event is a no-brainer.

However, it is important to remember that your cufflinks remain as tasteful, classy and understated as possible. By wearing bright green, bombastic efforts or a pair of deathly, metallic skulls, you will detract from your overall look, meaning that all the time you spent polishing those new shoes or perfecting that cravat will be all for nothing. Remember that the best cufflinks are designed to add a sense of the suave debonair to your outfit – such as these tactful onyx efforts