When you’ve found someone who means so much to you, it’s a nice gesture to celebrate your time together by marking the calendar each year for your anniversary. For couples who have already tied the knot, this could be the anniversary of your nuptials. Star-crossed lovers can also remember the day that you officially started going out, or even the day you met. 

Whatever the occasion, an anniversary is a time to be grateful for one another and express you much you appreciate having each other in your lives. It’s a day to be selfish and have the whole day to yourselves, whether you spend it on a whirlwind adventure or having a quiet day to relax at home.

In addition, a thoughtful gift to remind your other half of your journey together so far can be the icing on top of the cake – not only will they have a beautiful piece of jewellery, they’ll also be able to treasure it as a memento of your anniversary. 

Planning in advance 

The number one rule is to make your anniversary plans well in advance. While we all have busy lives, leaving things to the last minute can mean you may not be able to book the activities, or find the gift you want. 

Plus, while a generic supermarket card and a box of chocolates are better than nothing at all, they absolutely scream “I forgot!”. This is even more mortifying if your partner has gone to extra special efforts to mark the occasion. 


Make a few new memories while you celebrate your anniversary. 

Set an alarm or make a note in your diary at least a few weeks before. If you’re going out to lunch or dinner, do things the old fashioned way and make a reservation – there’s nothing worse than turning up on a busy day and having nowhere to sit.

In terms of a gift, there are plenty of options. How about a charm or bead for their bracelet? KAGI do some charming silver charms for women, whilst for mean there is the SPARTAN stainless steel range. 

If you’re coming up to an anniversary of special significance, you can find a way to express you love with a stunning diamond ring, either in reminiscence of your wedding day, or as a promise for many years of commitment to come.