Traditionally, it’s the lucky ladies who get to wear a gorgeous engagement ring after the proposal, to symbolise their engagement and commitment made, while the man gets nothing. Why should it just be the ladies who get to have all the fun with a new piece of jewellery. These days, some couples are choosing to have a men’s engagement ring too. 

So what are they wearing? 

Men’s wedding rings are typically fairly simple bands, perhaps with a small diamond or an inlay in the design. On the other hand (but still on the left, in most cases), the beauty of a mangagement ring is that it can be anything you want it to be. 

It could be a simple and affordable band that the soon-to-be hubby simply likes, and could perhaps keep and wear on another finger after the wedding. Others will prefer a more ‘engagement ring’ style, complete with a row of diamonds. 

Johnny Depp took this trend a step further when he donned fiancee Amber Heard’s engagement ring because “it was too big for her”, he said. 

Why are other guys wearing them?

It might be 2014, but there are still plenty of Romeos out there who are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve and show off their love to the world. It’s quite often the case that men who want a physical reminder of their engagement and impending nuptials will wear a placeholder ring of some sort during this time. 

In some cases, a couple may not know when the wedding will take place. Engagements can stretch out for years and years, so in the meantime, both parties can wear a ring on the wedding finger to feel that connection until the actual ceremony takes place.

Would you consider either wearing an engagement ring as a male, or talk to your partner about the possibility of wearing one?