The accessories you choose to wear can be a way of expressing your style and personality. Whether you prefer timeless selections such as a matching set for an elegant look, or you’re more the person who throws caution to the wind and creates their own mix and match style, the jewellery you wear should be a complement to the main attraction – you. 

Finding the perfect match for you 

While you may have heard people discuss how to choose the right metals for your skin tone, or perhaps how to balance out your body with different jewellery, one area you may not have considered in great depth until now, is your hands. 

Our hands and fingers are unique, they are the way we interact with the world, and, like the rest of our body, can be accentuated with the right choice of rings.

To help you decide how to best adorn your digits, here’s a look at the four famous elemental hand types. 

Earth Hand 

Earth hands are characterised by a broad, expansive palm, with squared off fingers. Often, earth hands will have palms that are longer than the fingers themselves. In palmistry, those with earth hands were ostensibly considered to be thoughtful, down-to-earth and hard workers. 

When choosing rings for an earth hand, you can elongate shorter fingers with small to medium sized rings, such as the range of quirky, yet simple Karen Walker rings, worn just between the base of the finger and the middle joint. In addition, earth fingers can be lengthened through a oval-shaped manicure, to create a more tapered effect. 

Water hand  

These graceful hands have both long fingers and elongated, narrow palms. Those with water type hands are thought to be sensitive, caring and imaginative individuals. Famously, Princess Diana was thought to share this particular hand type. 

In terms of jewellery, water hands can offset their long fingers with stacked rings, such as the rose gold and silver dress ring, or even larger feature rings such as the stunning Northern Lights Swarovski rings.

Fire hand 

With shorter fingers and a more rectangular palm, fire hands are similar to the earth hand, usually paired with outgoing, extroverted individuals, with a passion for life.

Similar to earth hands, fire hands can look to create the illusion of longer fingers with more delicate rings. Fire hands can channel their element through warm gold touches, such as the Dreamtime Argyle Diamond ring, or the elegant diamond infinity ring. 

Air hand

Last but not least, the air hand is endowed with the square palm shape akin to the earth hand, but with longer fingers like a water hand. These graceful hands denote a intellectual nature, self motivated and independent, with air hand bearers often known to be sociable and communicative.   

Air hands can accentuate their elegant proportions through fine, delicate rings, but they can also flaunt wider or larger pieces such as the range of Expressions dress rings with their larger feature crystals.