Increasingly, more and more men are coming around to the idea that accessorising is not only confined to the world of women.

Watches have long been considered an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, but it’s only in recent years that we’ve started seeing our favourite male celebrities throwing on some jewellery to complement their style. Jewellery’s not just for women and it’s not just for the superstars – here are some easy ways you can introduce jewellery to your look this year.


You’ve worn your wedding band for a few years, therefore you know all about rings, right? Wrong. Sure, your band is nice, but we’re talking about rings that do more than declare your marital status. 

A careful choice of rings can add a creative bite to your look, especially if you’re looking for a way to offset your dreary corporate attire. Plain metals are okay, but for an edgier option look for rings of brushed metals that feature ornamental engravings and details.

Those of you who are more daring may want to try wearing gemstone rings – you’ll probably want to shy away from brighter stones in favour of darker tones such as onyx and dark red garnets. Big, raw and asymmetrical gemstone rings are a great way to achieve that rock ‘n’ roll look.


Around 86 per cent of people own a watch, according to a study by research company Mintel, suggesting that a watch is an accessory that even the least fashion-conscious man will wear. When it comes to choosing a watch, you’ll need to consider the environment in which you’ll be wearing it. 

Outdoorsy types might opt for an easy to read digital face inside a hardy case (such as stainless steel) and a tough, easy-to-clean strap (such as rubber). If you’ll be wearing your watch mostly around the office, analogue dress watches might be the way to go, which often feature high quality metals and a fashionable leather strap.


The word ‘bracelet’ might evoke images of dainty little chains wrapped around dainty little wrists, but this year you’re going to see an explosion of manly men wearing these versatile pieces. To get on top of this trend, start looking for rugged leather bracelets, which can add texture and a bohemian air to your look.

Big, chunky bracelets, made of silver or stainless steel, are another great choice, especially when paired with a plain black shirt.