When you think you’ve found the one and you’re ready to propose, there are so many different ways to go about it. If your friends are in on the plan, it’s likely you’ll have been bombarded with questions and ideas already. Do you play it cool, surprising your partner out of the blue on a casual night in? Or do you go all out, setting up a scene they’ll likely never forget? 

Only you can decide, knowing your other half better than anyone. With a new quirky marriage proposal video being uploaded to YouTube every other day, there’s a lot of pressure to be unique.

However, no one ever went wrong seeking a little pre-proposal inspiration, so we turn to the world of the silver screen to help you conjure up the perfect setting for your partner. 

The restaurant proposal – from “Love Actually” 

A restaurant proposal with a twist, the Colin Firth’s character delivers the ultimate surprise to his on-screen love, Aurelia in heart-breakingly stilted Portuguese in front of a restaurant full of unsuspecting diners. 

If you and your partner are in different cities, surprising them with a visit and a proposal has the potential to be desperately romantic if you plan it right. A beautiful engagement ring will just put things over the top, such as this beautiful 0.4 carat diamond ring by Canadian Fire.

The street proposal – from “The Proposal” 

Well maybe not the most conventional proposal scenes of all time, when Sandra Bullock’s character gets down on her knees in the middle of a busy New York Street it’s certainly an eye-catching moment. 

There’s no denying it takes guts to do things like this in public, but if you’re ready to take the plunge, find a part of the city you both enjoy, such as a park or lookout point. Whisk your loved one away from the office at lunch and go for gold with the city as your stage and slightly confused passers-by as your audience.

Although there was no ring on hand for this moment, if you’re proposing to your man, have a read up on our recent men’s engagement rings article

Pick the ring proposal – “Sweet Home Alabama” 

Feeling the pressure to find the perfect engagement ring? No worries, you can allow your partner to do the choosing for you, like Reece Witherspoon’s character’s on screen fiance, Andrew Hennings. 

Set in the Fifth Avenue Tiffany & Co store in New York, this dreamy proposal would be sure to make many a lucky lady swoon.