If you’ve read our recent blog posts about this incredible gemstone, you’ll know what an illustrious past the ruby possesses. Prized for its incredible beauty and imbued with various properties, the birthstone of July is certainly an eye-catcher. 

And it’s not a fact that has gone unnoticed by some of the influencers of style and culture throughout the ages. Here, we look at two of the most celebrated ruby treasures throughout history.


The ruby slippers from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ 

Who can forget this iconic piece of movie history? The glittering shoes make their first appearance after Dorothy’s house falls on top of the Wicked Witch of the East. After their feature appearance in the film in 1939, the slippers eventually went into the Judy Garland museum.

However, the allure of the famous ruby slippers was so strong that someone stole them from the museum back in 2005.

“It’s had a huge emotional impact on just about everybody that’s seen it the past 76 years, and the shoes are magic,” Oz historian John Fricke told the Guardian.

All these years later, one ardent fan has even offered a US$1 million as a reward for their return. Rob Feeney from the museum summed it up like this when he spoke to the Guardian this July, almost a decade since the theft:

“At first we sort of wrote it off: ‘Oh great one, a million dollars,” Mr Feeney said. “But they were serious about it. It was just hard to believe.”

Richard Burton Ruby 

One of the most enchanting pieces of jewellery around, this stunning 8.42 carat Burmese ruby ring was part of actress Elizabeth Taylor’s collection. Gifted to Taylor by her husband at the time, Richard Burton in the Christmas of 1968, the ruby ring was a piece by Van Cleef and Arples. 

When the ruby ring was sold as part of Taylor’s collection by esteemed auction house, Christie’s, in 2011, it fetched an eye-watering price of over US$4.2 million. 

You can catch a glimpse of the famous ruby ring in this special video feature by Christie’s just after the 30 second mark. However you wear them, rubies are certainly something to be treasured, so why not add some scarlet to your collection with this beautiful ruby and diamond 18 carat gold ring? 

This brings our rubies series to a close, but if you’ve missed our first two pieces you can discover more about the gem on our blog.