If you have more than one piercing in each ear, there’s a good chance they took place in your teenage years – either as a statement of personal style or as your own feisty streak of rebellion. However, as we leave our student days behind us, people can begin to phase out those stacked hoops and studs in favour of a more demure aesthetic, often in the pursuit of a more professional look.

But if you find yourself reminiscing about the days of bejewelled ear lobes, you can perk up, as multiple studs have made a roaring return to fashion. One needs only look to the purveyors of celebrity style, from Beyonce to Kylie Jenner and Scarlett Johannson, to know that glamming up your ears is in, and that there are plenty of trendy ways to pull it off.

Can I wear multiple earrings and still be classy? 

Of course you can! There are an infinite number of earring combinations, that just like the rest of your jewellery collection, can transform your entire look. A modest dress and blazer can suddenly gain a cool, interesting edge with a white gold stud earring at the top of your ear, paired with a hint of sparkle from some bar Swarovski studs that just brush past the bottom of your ear lobe.

If you are concerned about keeping things professional, stick to quality earrings, conscientiously paired for a look that is fashion forward, rather than tacky fashion faux pas.

Can I mix and match different earrings, but still look put together? 

Absolutely. One of our favourite combinations is cool tone metals such as silver and white gold, paired with some timeless pearl earrings. Why not match pearl studs with some of our adorable Karen Walker range? Add some nautical flare with these miniature anchor studs or maybe even these tiny silver skull studs, as a nod to those rebel teen days.

Whether you’re rocking a tragus, industrial or multiple lope ear piercing, there are endless ways to make multiple earrings look good. Why not check out the Showcase range online now and start mixing and matching?