A bride’s engagement and wedding rings are hugely important elements to her special day – but who says they’re the only jewellery items that get to walk down the aisle? Treat your bridesmaids as you would like to be treated and shower them in gifts of the sparkly variety.

Your bridal party will likely be made up of the most precious and important women in your life, and they often spend a considerable amount of their own time, effort (and sometimes money) to help celebrate your special day. It’s natural to want to recognise this and show your appreciation through a gift, and one long-standing bridal party tradition is giving bridesmaids jewellery on the day of the wedding. Typically, the bridal party will wear these items throughout the day, and often come in the form of a necklace, earrings or bracelet. This tradition sees couples in Australia spending an average of $204 on bridesmaid jewellery, according to the 2015 Bride to be ‘cost of love’ survey.

The best time to present your gift to your bridal party is at a quiet time before the ceremony when you’re all together. You could add in a handwritten heartfelt note detailing how happy you are to have these women in your life, and have your photographer on hand to capture this special moment. Gifts are usually the same across the bridesmaids, however may vary in colour or style slightly. For instance, you could include the birthstones of each of your bridesmaids in their earrings with the same setting and style, or engrave a special message to each recipient on the inside of a wedding bracelet.

One exception to this gift giving process may be your maid of honour. This person often has an extra special role to play in a wedding and can be responsible for a greater share of help and support, so many brides show their appreciation with a more significant gift. This could be as simple as upgrading the stone used in a gift of earrings or adding in a matching bracelet.