Find the perfect gift for each and every special person in your life at your local Showcase Jewellers store.

Gifting can be tricky at Christmas. With so many loved ones to buy for, it can be all too easy to be lost for what to buy who – and more importantly – where to buy it.

Each Showcase Jewellers store is independently owned and operated, which means you can find a wide array of different gifting solutions across different Showcase Stores near you.

Here are our picks for the best gifts for everyone you have to buy for this Christmas:

For Your Significant Other

For Her: A Mixed Metal Ring

Mixed metal rings combine the aesthetic qualities of different metals, creating a stunningly different piece for day-to-night wear. Choose a rose and yellow gold ring for a classic warm-toned look, or reach for white and rose gold to make a statement.

The experienced staff at your nearest Showcase Jewellers store are always happy to walk you through their range of mixed metal pieces, ensuring that you and your partner are delighted by the end result of a uniquely beautiful piece.

For Him: A Tungsten Ring

Tungsten is a sleek, sturdy metal with no small degree of character, which makes it the perfect material for a stunning men’s ring. Choose from a range of Tungsten rings for a unique touch at your local Showcase Jewellers store this Christmas.

For Mum

Gold Bangle

Bangles are a must-have accessory for any occasion, and the versatility of patterns and colours makes them a lovely gift for Mum this Christmas. While yellow gold bangles are the classic choice, you can also reach for rose or white gold to suit Mum’s personal style.

For Dad

Analogue Wristwatch

Timelessly stylish, an analogue watch is the perfect day-to-night accessory for Dad this Christmas. A wide choice of different watch faces and band combinations make this gift choice wonderfully personal.

For Your Work Friends

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a crowd-pleaser you can’t go wrong with, from classic sterling silver bead studs to gemstone studs, there’s something to perfectly fit the ‘just a little something’ gift mark at work this Christmas at your local Showcase Jeweller.