Whether you’re wanting to celebrate your new relationship or treat your long-term partner to a special day, choosing from (or all of) these 5 handy tips can help make this Valentine’s Day one to remember:

Tip #1 – Write a note

Whether it’s a sticky note, handwritten letter or a text, leaving your partner an affectionate note to start off their Valentine’s Day is a thoughtful way to show your affection. Can’t think of something sweet to say? Keep it simple – an “I love you” goes a long way on Love Day.

Tip #2 – Hide their favourite snacks

Hide your partner’s favourite sweet or savoury treats for a lovely surprise throughout their day. Be sure to pick common places they’re likely to come across them, e.g. in their favourite coffee mug, beside their car keys or in their bag/wallet.

Tip #3 – Cook together

Skip the busy restaurant crowds and indulge in an intimate night in. Cooking together is a great opportunity to make the most of each other’s company this Valentine’s Day, not to mention tailoring your meals to your tastes down to the tiniest details.

Tip #4 – Gift something special (for her)

If you haven’t found a thoughtful gift for your special someone yet – don’t panic. Your local Showcase Jewellers store has a wide range of classic and unique jewellery pieces and gifts for her to suit any tastes.


When in doubt, go for something you could see ‘fitting’ across her day-to-night wardrobe.

Tip #5 – Gift something special (for him)

When you’re not sure where to start when it comes to gifting something he’ll truly appreciate, head to your local Showcase Jewellers store to view their range of men’s jewellery, watches and accessories.

Choose a striking ring, stylish cufflinks or a timeless watch to surprise him with this Valentine’s Day.