Your jewellery is more than just a way to accessorise – it expresses your individuality and speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. 

What does your jewellery say about you? 

Big and bold

People who wear statement pieces tend to have a lot of confidence. Rocking a stand-out necklace or ring shows that you aren’t afraid to turn heads – you like being the centre of attention and don’t shy away from the spotlight. 

Adding something like this yellow gold amethyst ring, or this white gold tanzanite ring to your collection shows you are a trendsetter. Embrace your fiercest inner self and dare to be different with these awesome jewellery pieces. 


Women who wear pearls are intrinsically elegant and have a classic style. If this is you, you probably prefer simpler, understated styles.

Wearing pearls often shows that you have traditional values and hold your family close. You have a calm demeanour and a certain poise that makes other people feel reassured around you. 

You most likely have timeless tastes and are drawn to pieces like our sterling silver pearl strand, or other items which will blend in perfectly with your stylish and elegant wardrobe.


Fine jewellery

If you go fine jewellery, you are probably very comfortable in yourself with a well-defined personal style. You are grounded, focussed and pay attention to detail, so you’d rather have a few well-chosen pieces that complement any outfit and that will last a lifetime, such as our white gold diamond cluster studs, or the white gold diamond and sapphire studs,

It’s likely that you value jewellery with some kind of personal significance, such as something given to you by someone special, or even a piece you have inherited form a dear family member. Our limited edition rings will suit you perfectly, as they are exclusive, stylish and always the best quality.

Fine jewellery, like this diamond necklace, indicates that you pay attention to detail.

Colour coordinated

Do you like to wear jewellery in matched sets? If so, this could mean you are organised and responsible. People who wear sets of jewellery, like the white gold Lily® cut diamond drop earrings, cut diamond halo ring and cut diamond pendant, are often kind and generous hosts. People may seek you out for advice, as you are known for being great to talk to. 

To pick out the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your unique personality, come in to see us at one of our stores