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How to Care for Your Jewellery

Learn how to keep your jewellery and watches looking like brand new with this blog.

Investing in stunning watches and gorgeous jewellery helps to add glamour and shine to your everyday look, but there is a certain level of care that goes into ensuring these pieces remain as precious as the day you purchased them.

Different metals, gems and pearls require slightly different methods of cleaning, but these are a few of the most important elements to keep your prized possessions safe and in top condition:

  • Always follow any care instructions included with the item.
  • Never expose your jewellery to strong chemicals, such as household cleaners.
  • Use soft brushes when removing dirt patches from diamonds – using anything tougher may damage the gem.
Keep your diamond pieces as sparkling as these gorgeous rings from Passion8 Diamonds.
  • Clean pearls individually using a light, damp cloth dipped in a solution made up of two cups of warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Although cleaning at home is a good option, it is important to have your pieces professionally cleaned at least once a year to bring them back to their original state. Your local Showcase Jeweller can assist in you in keeping your jewellery looking as good as new.
  • When storing jewellery, hang your items neatly and keep them separate from one another. Tangled necklaces are not only a pain to separate but can also break easily, especially if fine.
Prevent necklaces from getting tangled by carefully hanging them up.
  • Partner your jewellery with the right activity. For day-to-day wear, avoid large rings that may get caught or damaged. Save your statement pieces for events and dinners.
  • The National Association of Goldsmiths suggests that you service your watches every year or two to ensure there are no issues. Waiting until something breaks can result in more costly or time-consuming repairs.
  • Apply make up, perfumes and lotions prior to putting on jewellery. The oils and liquids in these items can have a tarnishing effect on your accessories.

If you follow these steps, you should find your jewellery remains bright, intact and stunning for years to come.

Buying Diamonds: The 4 C’s

Considering buying diamonds for yourself or a loved one? This blog will teach you the 4 C's of diamonds.

When it comes to buying the perfect diamond jewellery for a loved one or yourself, whether it be a ring, necklace or earrings, you’ll no doubt want to do a bit of research to ensure you’re purchasing a piece that will stand the test of time. Enter the four Cs of buying diamonds: Cut, clarity, colour and carat.

You’ve no doubt heard these terms thrown about before, but what do they really mean? Find out with this overview.


A diamond’s cut largely determines its brilliance – the brightness that exudes from the heart of the diamond. The cut includes its angles and finish, all of which contribute to the stone’s ability to handle light.

The cut has less to do with the shape of the diamond, and more to do with its proportions. A correctly cut stone is one with angles corrected so that light enters and is dispersed properly through the top facets of the stone. A diamond with a cut too shallow or deep will allow light to escape through the bottom of the diamond, meaning some of its brilliance is lost.

Stack of diamond engagement rings from Passsion8 Diamonds.
Gorgeous engagement rings by Passion8 Diamonds


Diamonds come in a huge range of colours, but it is the colourless stones that are the most desirable. This is because they allow the most light refraction, giving the stone its sparkle. Off-white diamonds are less popular as they absorb light.

Diamonds are graded in terms of colour from totally colourless to light yellow.


The number and location of flaws on a diamond determines its clarity. Those with few flaws are more brilliant and therefore fetch a higher price.

Diamond ring
Stunning diamond ring

Diamonds are viewed under 10-power magnification to be awarded a clarity grade from Flawless to Imperfect 3.


Diamonds are measured in carats, a unit of weight. As heavier, larger diamonds are much rarer than small ones, the price of these more prized jewels rises exponentially to match its size.

How to Care For Diamond Jewellery

Blog about how to care for diamond jewellery

Buying diamond jewellery is something of an important undertaking, as a lot of time, care and attention goes into choosing that perfect piece. Perhaps it was the brilliant sparkle or enigmatic shine that attracted you to a certain ring or necklace – either way, you’ll want your jewellery to look as fabulous as the day you bought it! As with clothes, watches and other items that we wear everyday, jewellery collects dirt and grime through ordinary activities like cooking, cleaning and exercising. Learning how to keep your diamonds in tip-top condition is a simple process and, by following this guide, you’ll ensure that your jewels stay shining brightly for years to come.

Clean Machine

Keeping your ring, necklace or pendant clean is an integral part in ensuring that it’ll keep that effervescent gleam that so attracted it to you in the first place. Keeping your jewellery cleaned at home is a simple, quick task that you can do, in between coming into one of our specialist stores to have it professionally maintained.

Stunning Passion8 Diamond Ring
Image: Passion8 Diamond Ring

Purchase a soft toothbrush to be used solely for this purpose, and prepare a bowl of warm water mixed with a reputable liquid detergent. Bubbles are good! Proceed to brush the diamonds carefully, removing any build-up of dirt and grime you can see, attempting to get under the stones and any other hard-to-reach places. After you’ve finished brushing, rinse your jewellery under running water. Use a strainer or colander to ensure that your ring doesn’t get washed away, but ensure the plug is in anyway, for extra reassurance. Whilst rinsing, continue to brush – this should help to remove any excess grime and soap remaining on your jewels, before drying with a lint-free cloth. Try and carry out this process at least once a month.

Save Them From Themselves

Storing your diamonds in a suitable location is just as important as giving them a regular clean. Diamonds are renowned as the hardest materials on Earth, but that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. In fact, they can be surprisingly brittle – they are formed in layers, and those layers can peel away if met with enough pressure. Like two tough men at loggerheads, a diamond can scratch another diamond if chucked nonchalantly together. It’s good practice to store your jewellery in a specialist box, with compartments for each separate stone, protecting them from each other. Most gemstones are harder than the metal that they are set in and so can ruin the fine finish of your precious band or watch strap, so by treating them carefully and you should encounter no real problems.

Wearing a fine jewellery item is not advised when doing activities where it is likely to come into contact with dirt or come to harm, so store it away safely when hitting the gym or taking to the rugby field. It’s also important to remember that everyday chemicals, such as chlorine, can have a drastically detrimental effect on your diamonds, so remove them if you’re heading to the spa or going for a few lengths in the swimming pool.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

By following this simple advice, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything possible to maintain your diamonds and keeping them looking their brilliant best. However, the finest way to keep your diamonds nice and sparkling clear is to have them professionally maintained at your local Showcase Jewellers, who will give your precious stones the care and attention that they deserve, giving an sparkle so impressive you’ll think they’ve never been worn before. By treating your jewellery to regular inspections at Showcase Jewellers at least once a year, you can ensure that you won’t be subjected to unnecessary repairs over the lifetime of your piece. Additionally, we’ll check that your diamond is still securely set in its mount and set to sparkle for years to come.

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